"Use your knowledge to overcome this unique challenge."

Advanced Challenge 1 is the third Advanced Academy mission.

Starting position Edit

Academy - Advanced Challenge 1

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Player Edit

Orion (AI Opponent) Edit

Game text Edit

"Put your skills to the test, can you overcome this advanced challenge?"

Solution Edit

Turn Actions Resolution
  • Play your Undead Corruptions on Secluded Constructor and Airborne Scientist.
  • Play Fear.
  • Play Ferocity targeting your Vicious Ransacker.
  • Undead Corruption activates on Secluded Constructor and Airborne Scientist.
  • Fear sends all characters to support.
  • Ferocity sends Vicious Ransacker to Assault.
  • Vicious Ransacker attacks the Opponent's fortress. Secluded Constructor, Airborne Scientist and the Genesis Construct all die to Ransacker's ability.
  • Secluded Constructor and Airborne Scientist are raised in the Player's Support Zone exhausted due to the Undead Corruptions.
  • Block with Vicious Ransacker.
  • The Opponent sends one Overloaded Soldier to Assault and one to Defense.
  • One of the Overloaded Soldiers is blocked by Vicious Ransacker, which dies.
  • Send your Secluded Constructor to Defense.
  • Send the Airborne Scientist to Assault.
  • Activate the Constructor's ability, constructing Converted Prototype onto Airborne Scientist.
  • Airborne Scientist, now a 14/16, hits the enemy fortress for 14 damage, taking it to zero health.
  • Opponent's Overloaded Soldier in Assault is blocked by the Secluded Constructor, which dies.
  • Player wins.
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