"Use your knowledge to overcome this unique challenge."

Advanced Challenge 2 is the fourth Advanced Academy mission.

Starting position Edit

Advanced Challenge 2

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Player Edit

Orion (AI Opponent) Edit

  • 15 Health, 100 Morale, 12 Resources
  • Assault Zone: 82/90 Flame Ram
  • Defense Zone: 87/61 Flame Ram
  • 5 cards in Hand.

Game text Edit

"Put your skills to the test, can you overcome this advanced challenge?"

Solution Edit

Turn Actions Resolution
  • Play Disarm, then Shifting Stone's ability on the Flame Ram currently in Assault.
  • Switch your two Soldiers of Fortune.
  • Opponent switches the two Flame Rams.
  • Opponent plays Deflect on the Flame Ram now in Assault.
  • Opponent plays Stumble on the Soldier of Fortune that is now in Support. This has no effect.
  • Disarm makes the Flame Ram now in Defense a 0/90.
  • Shifting Stone switches that Flame Ram to a 90/0. This kills it as it has no health.
  • The remaining Flame Ram is blocked by the Soldier of Fortune in Defense, which is killed.
  • Player draws a Called Shot.
  • Use Word of Command to force the remaining Flame Ram to "Defense". Then use Called Shot on it, specifying "Defense".
  • Move your remaining Soldier of Fortune into Assault.
  • Use Secluded Constructor's ability to construct Defense Golem into Soldier of Fortune.
  • Use Shifting Stone's ability on Soldier of Fortune.
  • Flame Ram is moved to Defense by Word of Command.
  • Flame Ram is killed by Called Shot.
  • Soldier of Fortune becomes a 5/25 after the construction.
  • Soldier of Fortune becomes a 25/5 after Shifting Stone.
  • Soldier of Fortune deals 25 damage to the opponent, reducing their health to zero.
  • Opponent may play a Ferocity on the Flame Ram, which will do nothing.
  • Opponent plays Called Shot on the Soldier of Fortune, doing nothing.
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