"Call your opponent's bluffs to outsmart your opponent."

Bluffing Games is the second Advanced Academy mission.

Starting position Edit

Academy - Bluffing Games

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Player Edit

Frustrated Beasts (AI Opponent) Edit

  • 100 Health, 26 Morale, 10 Resources has the Initiative
  • Commanders: Mammoth
  • Support Zone: Hidden By Clouds
  • 3 Cards in Hand

Game text Edit

"You have been given the tools to survive your opponent's next three moves, but in which order will he make them? Correctly call his bluffs to overcome this challenge."

Solution Edit

Turn Actions Resolution
  • Play Mass Death.
  • The Opponent plays Killaroo and Skraar from hand directly into the Assault Zone, using their Haste.
  • Mass Death kills both characters. Opponent loses 18 Morale.
  • Play Verore Kidnapper, targeting the Mammoth.
  • The Opponent plays Mammoth into Assault.
  • The Mammoth is kidnapped.
  • The Opponent attempts to play Fiery Resolve on the Mammoth but it fails.
  • Play Death Ray, targeting Hidden by Clouds.
  • The Opponent plays Hidden by Clouds into Assault.
  • Death Ray kills Hidden by Clouds.
  • The Opponent loses 15 morale. As they have no morale left, the Player wins.

Notes Edit

  • This game situation could not arise in normal play. The opponent has both Hidden by Clouds, a three purity Warpath character, and cards from the Flame Dawn. It could happen however, if a card such as Uncontrolled Rift was used, and randomly generated a card from a different purity.
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