"Use buffs and debuffs in order to outwit your opponent."

Buffs & Debuffs is the first Advanced Academy mission.

Starting position Edit

Academy - Buffs & Debuffs

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Player Edit

Orion (AI Opponent) Edit

Game text Edit

"Stop your opponent from executing his strategy! Make sure to read all of the cards on the field in order to understand all options available to you!"

Solution Edit

Turn Actions Resolution
  • Deploy Soldier of Fortune and Unending Drone into Assault.
  • Play Demonic Corruption on the enemy Bad Bot.
  • Opponent plays a Genesis Construct into Support.
  • The Demonic Corruption changes the Bad-Bot from Artificial to Demon.
  • The Opponent's attempt to use Secluded Constructor's ability to construct Bad-Bot into the Airborne Scientist fails.
  • Player deals 6 damage to Opponent.
  • Opponent deals 4 damage to Player.
  • Player draws a Lightning Blast. Use it on the Airborne Scientist.
  • Play Deflect on the Genesis Construct.
  • Keep the Soldier of Fortune in Assault.
  • Move the Unending Drone to Defense.
  • Opponent moves Genesis Construct to Assault.
  • Deflect activates on Genesis Construct.
  • Opponent's attempt to us Give Him A Jetpack! from hand on the Construct fails.
  • Genesis Construct blocked by Unending Drone.
  • Opponent fails to do any damage to Player.
  • Player deals 4 damage to Opponent and wins.

Notes Edit

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