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Revenge of Genesis is the final Advanced Academy mission.

Starting position Edit

Academy - Revenge of Genesis

Click to view the starting position. For this picture the Player is using the "Scavenge the Dead" Weekly Free Deck

Unlike the previous Academy missions, the player is able to bring a deck of their choice, including the Weekly Free Decks.

Like a normal game:

  • Both the Player and the AI Opponent ("Genesis") start with 100 Health and 100 Morale, 3 commanders and 5 cards in their Hand.
  • The Initiative is randomly chosen.

Despite the name, the AI is playing triple Flame Dawn. It has 2 Flame Rams and Bromich, Field Commander as commanders. Additionally, the AI cheats by getting a free Aberion the Hammer of Dawn in their Support Zone, and a free Pyr, Fortress of the Flame Dawn on the first turn. This location spawns a Flame Dawn Aspirant in the Assault Zone every turn.

Play Tips Edit

  • As the Player is able to choose any deck, there are many possible ways of beating this mission. As mentioned above, Weekly Free Decks can be chosen.
  • Aberion is invincible while in the Assault Zone, so don't waste kill cards on him. He is still vulnerable to being transformed (e.g. Demonize) or removed from the game (e.g. Verore Kidnapper)
  • If you can't deal with Aberion directly, "chump block" him using a cheap character.
  • Vigilance characters can help establish a speedy defense. The Descendants of the Dragons have many such characters and effects. If chosen as a commander, Gao Han, The Stalwart will immediately move to the Defense Zone, giving the Player a free 6/10. This will give some breathing room from Aberion.
  • The Sleepers of Avarrach can be very potent here, as the Player can simply spam zombies into Defense while building up threats like Zombie Scavenger.
  • Area of Effect abilities such as Heat Wave, Spontaneous Combustion and Yuanshi's Wrath/Yuanshi, Sage of Ferocity are very effective against the AI's swarming tactics.
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