INFESTATION- Agent Coyle, Alpha One
Faction Factionless
Type Ability
Set Infestation Rarity Legendary
Cost 1 Morale 0
Atk 3 HP 4

Pay X: Activate an ability.

Choose an ability

- Permanently gain +3/+3 (Cost: 2)
- Gain double strike until end of turn. (Cost: 4)
- Cannot take more than 3 damage from a single source this turn. (Cost: 6)
- Pay 10, Exhaust: Transform into a 25/25 Flying, Unstoppable Dragon.



Having carelessly leapt through a strange red rift, Coyle found himself in the future in the midst of an infested world so unlike the beautiful Old World he first landed on.

Alpha One encountered this time’s twisted infested version of himself. Though it had grown so much stronger from its previous infiltrations, IT needed to be faced.


The Various Stages of Alpha OneEdit

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