CORE- Aleta, Immortal Tinkerer
Faction Genesis Industries Purity Genesis
Type Unique Character - Human
Set IW2013 Rarity Rare
Cost 5 Morale 5
Atk 6 HP 16

If Aleta is in the Graveyard for 6 consecutive turns, she is raised to the Support Zone at the end of the turn.

Pay 1, Exhaust: Target Artificial Character gains +3/+3.


Aleta learned about the other dimensions a throusand years ago. By then, she had grown too weary of conversation to tell anybody.

Over her lifetime, Aleta has created more andriods than most nations.


Play Tips: Her ability synergizes well with Infected Drone making it a 10/10. When in command with Support Drone can buff the Drone into a 11/11 into Assault or Defense on Turn 2.

Often useful as a last-ditch defender.

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