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SgtNG SgtNG 20 October 2014

Interviewing Martin Johnson for Bio

I'll post the first three-
-- How did you get the job with lightmare?
-- Do you have any post secondary experience?
-- Have you done any other professional work?

[9:27:15 PM] lightmare-martin: wow you're kidding right?
[9:27:26 PM] lightmare-martin: 1. I applied for the role.
[9:27:36 PM] lightmare-martin: 2 & 3 -
[9:28:21 PM] lightmare-martin: I've worked for Sony Computer Entertainment, Lionhead Studios, Blitz Games, Volatile Games and numerous freelance projects
[9:28:47 PM] lightmare-martin: I've also been involved in education in traditional and digital art as a course leader and tuytor
[9:28:50 PM] lightmare-martin: tutor
[9:29:01 PM] lightmare-martin: My development credits include...
[9:29:12 PM] lightmare-martin: 'The Getaway' PS2
[9:29:37 …

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SgtNG SgtNG 16 October 2014

Interviewing Ian Underwood On All Things Infinity Wars!


  • 1 -- Will there be a rematch button?
  • 2 -- Are there any more details on how sideboards will be implemented and options to disable them?
  • 3 -- Is spectator mode planned for before or after IW 2015's Release?
  • 4 -- Will there be an option to have in-game recording without the need of an external program?
  • 5 -- How does lightmare view the current balence in the game?
  • 6 -- Are the Exiles and the Overseers considered full factions?
  • 7 -- Members of the community are wondering if you could shine more light on what exactly the forging mechanic is?
  • 8 -- Are there still plans for Core and 2HG formats? And if so, can we expect any news on them in the near future?
  • 9 -- The android app was announced a while back, but since then, it has been relatively quiet as to …

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SgtNG SgtNG 16 October 2014

Interviewing Ian Underwood For his Bio

-- How did you meet Elphie?

Years and years ago I was talking to a student I knew, and he told me he was in a high-school traineeship program where they made video games. Intrigued, I called up Elphie (the CEO of the traineeship program's company) and asked him if they were hiring. I came in the next day for an interview and he hired me to teach the students about making games. At the time we went by a different name and the company was pretty much focused on the traineeship program, but in that interview we talked a lot about how we wanted to grow the company into a fully fledged game developing company someday.

-- What is your role at lightmare?

My role at Lightmare is the Lead Designer, I'm the central point for the design of the game and …

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SgtNG SgtNG 17 June 2014

How to Navigate the Wiki

Hey Folks, With the wiki at 75% completion, I'd like to explain the ways you can navigate the parts of this wiki.

First and foremost, on the main page, and most basic way is- you can click on the links in the table of contents and click the links from there.

Secondly- When on any page that isnt the main page, click the words "Beta Infinity Wars" in the top left to go back to the main page.


At the top center of every page is a blue bar with the titles "On the Wiki" "Card Library" "Wiki Content" etc. Hovering over each will reval the options from there. Right now, the only organized and ready section of the bar is the Card Library Tab. You can use it to navigate WAY faster then clicking the links from the main page.

NOTE: Card Walls sho…

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SgtNG SgtNG 12 June 2014

Concerning the Unexpected Downtime

Hey All,

For those of you wondering what happened to the server at the moment. The office was hit by a majorly severe storm last night, and it knocked out a lot of things that we didn't realize initially. We're working on all of it right now.

As of right now, there is no ETA on how long it will take. We'll update this post as developments occur.

Thank you for your consideration

- Lightmare Team

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