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He is the Mad Monk

Descendants of the Dragon Cards, because he likes the Chinese, he likes monks and all that. He also thinks DOD has the most innovated play style. Oh, and he absolutely loves morale wins.{| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table article-table-selected"

'"For artist who want to improve they're art... really get down on your fundamentals, because no matter how much you practice, and practice don't get me wrong is really really important, but no matter how much you practice if you get your fundamentals incorrect you're gona practice incorrectly..."- Pat Boiteux

Early years of The Patman Edit

Pat Boiteux was born and raised for 7 years in the U.S.A. His hometown being Ogden, Utah. His favorite childhood TV show was Dragon BallZ which he claims is a definite influence. Later on he started studing in 2009 for a diploma in Screen & Animation. In 2010-2011 he completed a Bachelor's Degree in Interactive Entertainment with a Major in Animation. At some point he received high distinction in an Internship at Valhalla Studios Lightmare. During his education he was the artist for the mobile game Snomentum, the money he earned off that went to a party. His inspiration he says was Feng Zu. Currently he is working for Infinity Wars which is pretty much his first professional artwork.

With regards to liking ball pools: "You can lie about it but everyone knows..."- Pat Boiteux

The Patman's Infinity Wars thoughts Edit

First Cards

Favorite Cards He Made

Favorite Faction

<p>Descendants of the Dragon Cards, because he likes the Chinese he likes monks and all that. He also thinks DOD has the most innovated play style. Oh and he absolutely loves moral wins.

Cards and there Insperation

  • Mad Monk's face is based on himself. Used Street Fighter as a bit of inspiration.

The story he sort of thought up for him was "...a DOD dude whos fallen off the wall... and he's lost in the wasteland and he's trying to survive so he has to fight his way but when you're in the demon wasteland you slowly become a demon..."- Pat Boiteux

  • Soldier of Solace was very Marvel/DC based such as: tight clothing, sex appeal, a strong woman.

Lightmare didn't want to go with the generic Valkyrie/Angle style. They really wanted something different and unique so that's why we got tech-angles and guns. Why bring a sword to a gun fight?

If He Was Coming Up With A New Faction:

He would want to "Develop the Infinity Wars world in making a new faction instead of making a whole new zone. I would go to the Infinity Wars map and then go to a place like genesis city and I would want to develop on that so maybe an underground kinda faction. So more like a cloak and dagger faction, there's a slum in that big city something like that something that really develops what we've already established."- Pat Boiteux

"I'll choose Dragons over Guns everyday"- Pat Boiteux

Other Edit

Pat listens to "Two Steps From Hell". When drawing Pat listens to music that fits the mood of the card such as

  • Oriental for DOD
  • Hard Rock for Monks
  • Dark but mellow music for Verore
  • Wardrum music for Warpath

He says his support group is definitely his family and the people in the studio. Those in the studios always help and support each other, even if there is some competition. Just recently his fan base has also been a great support.

His biggest rival in the studios is definitely Shiraz. They have a fun fighting relationship (I don't know if the majority understand that kind of relationship but it's all good fun)

At work they do provide PCs but he brought his own medium size intuos4 (tablet).

He does spend a lot of free time playing video games, watching TV, and movies. He doesn't honestly play that much Infinity Wars he says. He has/does play Wild Star and goes back and visit WOW every now and again. [[Categ

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