Orion is the leader of Genesis Industries.

When war first breaks out on Talich between the various nations, Orion forges a deal to supply weapons to the Flame Dawn in an effort to keep peace between them while turning a profit. During the war business is good, but as the war draws to a close and Genesis Industries is the only remaining nation left, the Flame Dawn began to send troops to their border. Realizing he’s left his nation woefully unprepared for a fight against a war-based nation with all their latest technology, Orion set out to hurriedly build new technology which can combat the Flame Dawn. One such example is The Dragon Project, where Genesis Industries produces robotic dragons to rival the Flame Dawn’s Dragons of Summer Flame. War between the two never comes however, because rifts open up and both nations turn their attention to the new land available in what they call The New World. But Orion remembers the vulnerability he felt and swears to never trust Aberion (leader of the Flame Dawn) again. He begins to keep a lot of things from him, including his secret quest to find a cure for the Virus of Avarrach and both of the immortal Aletas.

As the Sleepers Rise to prominence, Genesis manages to slow down the assault using it's conventional weaponry. But as the Infestation continues to spread, Orion sends Aleta, the Immortal Tinkerer through the rifts to Avarrach in search of a cure. As she begins the long journey of discovery, the Overseers of Solace descend, and begin to eradicate the sleeper virus- with the goal of completely eliminating the threat.

Orion is initially wary towards the overseers' intentions, and when he hears that Aleta has found a Sleeper version of herself (the Immortal Sufferer), he vows to keep the information from the Overseers and the Flame Dawn, knowing that if they found out, they would seek the sufferer's distruction. Instead, he hoped that even with the destruction of the Sleepers, the research to be gained from the Sufferor would benefit Genesis and allow them access to technologies by the like of which the world had never seen before.

As Aleta moved through hostile territory, the Overseers recieve word of the plans and begin to assault the Genesis convoy. Orion, believing that researching the Sufferer was ideal as opposed to giving her to the Overseers, made a stand to allow the tinkerer to successfully get away, and in the process was killed by Sol.

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