Flame Dawn Purifier
The Purifiers came to be during the Rise of the Sleepers of Avarrach.

As the Sleepers poured through the rifts, the leader of the Flame Dawn, Aberion recognized their immenent threat. The Sleeper menace would not die easily, and when one died, it would take his soldiers with it then all of them would ressurect under the influence of the virus. He tasked his Field Commander, Bromich with finding a way to combat the ugly threat and vowed to give him whatever resources he needed. Bromich, in turn, turned to a soldier of the Flame Dawn who had shown amazing promise and had been rising steadily through the ranks- Kali.

Kali came from a magic-using nation on Talich which had been conquered by the Flame Dawn in the years before the Infinity Wars began. She had joined the Flame Dawn military when given the option, and had found great success with the ability to set her blades on fire. Bromich assigned her to lead the new division, which was given the name, the Purifiers- their goal was simple, elimate the sleeper threat once and for all.

As the Infestation wore on, with a never-ending horde of sleepers still pouring forth from the rifts along with the now infected bodies of those they had already conquered, Kali began setting her plan in motion.

Kali Flame

The Purifiers began to implement fire where they could, and burning the bodies of all the dead to stop the ressurection and infection properties of the sleepers. They supplied Brimstone to the frontlines of the Flame Dawn to give the soldiers flames for their own weapons and used their magic to cleanse the major threats.

Even with all their efforts and offensives, the Purifiers could see they were fighting a losing battle.

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