In Infinity Wars, proper Deck Building is crucial to having a well-rounded deck that can hold it's own against a variety of opponents.

Overview of the Deck BuilderEdit

Deck Builder Info

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  • Purities are the faction logos found in the top left of the cards.
  • When building a deck you will be prompted to select 3 purities.
  • Character cards put in the Command Zone must match the purities chosen. For example, if you have 2 Flame Dawn purity and 1 Overseers of Solace purity you must have 2 Flame Dawn commanders and 1 Overseers of Solace commander.
  • Cards have up to three of the same icons as their purity, which is how much purity must be from that faction for the card to be able to be used in the deck.
  • Some cards are a part of multiple Factions.
    • Dual cards require both factions.
    • Hybrid cards (marked with an "OR") give you a choice of factions.
    • If Dual or Hybrid cards are placed in the Command Zone, you may choose which purity they represent. For example, Lucca, Ascended can be either an Overseers of Solace or a Genesis Industries commander.
  • Factionless Cards have no purities and can be used in any deck.

Tradeable vs Soulbound CardsEdit

  • Soulbound Cards have a small lock symbol in the lower left of the card, covering the rarity symbol.
  • Whether a card is soulbound or tradeable has no influence on the Deck Builder, only on trading.
  • More information can be found in Part 7: Trading and Rarity.

Deckbuilder RulesEdit

  • Excluding the Command Zone-
  1. There can only be 3 of each card in the deck (unless they are unlimited, and not including commanders).
  2. There must be a minimum of 40 cards in each deck.
  3. There may be a maximum of 100 cards in each deck.
  4. Cards in the Decks must follow purity rules (above).

Command ZoneEdit

  • As stated above, your commanders must match your purity.
  • Cards in the Command Zone will usually start the game in the Command Zone and can be played as soon as their resources are available.
  • An important note to keep in mind is that cards with activated abilities can use them, even while in the Command Zone and not deployed yet.


  • Cards put in the sideboard will not be a part of the deck on single match games.
  • In Ranked and best of three games, the option to add cards from the sideboard is made available between matches. When adding and removing cards from your deck the end result must still be a legal deck.
  • You may have up to 10 cards in your sideboard.
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