Infinity Wars has a variety of game modes.

Fixed DeckEdit

In Fixed Deck mode, players choose from one of a number of pre-constructed decks.

For more information, see Fixed Deck.

Normal PlayEdit

In Normal Play, players may play either legal decks they construct or Weekly Free Decks. Any card in Infinity Wars may be used, including cards from promotional sets.

For more information on how to build a deck, see Deck Building.


Ranked mode uses the same legality as Core mode, except that cards from promotional sets are banned. Playing Ranked games will affect your personal Ranking. You may check the leaderboards to see standings.

Ranked games are played in a Best of 3 (Bo3) format. Between matches you will have a few minutes to modify your deck by adding or removing cards from your Sideboard. Any changes must keep your deck legal. Sideboards are up to 10 cards, and need to be set up in the Deck Builder before entering Ranked. During the "Sideboarding Phase" you will be able to see which commanders you and your opponent have, but will not be able to change your commanders during this time.

Rift RunsEdit

Rift Runs are the draft mode of Infinity Wars.

Instead of using a pre-constructed deck, players "draft" cards out of a randomly chosen selection. Players then attempt to win as many games as possible with that deck until reaching three defeats. The more wins a player gets, the greater the rewards.

For more information, see Rift Runs.

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