CORE- Bromich, Field Commander

Bromich, Field Commander (Core)

The two foremost figures in the Flame Dawn were Aberion and Bromich, the Field Commander. Where Aberion was fiery and warlike, always aggressive, Bromich was calculated and thoughtful. While Aberion personally led every charge, Bromich orchestrated the rest of the battle: supplies, logistics, dispositions.

Bromich played a large role in the expedition to the Untamed World from Talich, leading its forces in a variety of battles against first the Warpath and then the Sleepers. He oversaw the creation of the Purifiers under Kali, his protegee.

Shortly before the Overseers arrived on the scene, the forces from Talich found themselves struggling for survival in a fierce battle against the Sleepers. Donning a Jetpack, Bromich personally faced down and slew a Cyber Infested Dragon, although he died in the process.

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