The Cult of Verore sought magic darker than they should have dared, dooming their world.--The Hellmouth flavor text

Native to Reish, the Cult of Verore is a matriarchal society of sorceresses based out of Veroria, the Lone Keep. Their leader, Aleta, encouraged ruthless infighting to encourage the most powerful and cutthroat of her followers to rise to the top. In its quest for power the Cult delved into dark secrets of magic and opened up a number of portals to the plane of Torment, whose demons they enslaved. Devoted to global domination and the furthering of their own power, the Verorians nevertheless failed to conquer the Descendants of the Dragon.

The Cult of Verore's magical experimentation led to the pollution and corruption of much of the countryside, creating the Exiles. These Exiles rallied around Nysrugh, a powerful demon from Torment, and began to harass the Cult of Verore. Matters were made even worse when the rifts opened and the Sleepers of Avarrach poured through.

Finally, disaster struck: the demon prince Vasir, whose imprisonment was the fragile key to controlling the other demons of Torment, broke free and Veroria was destroyed. Aleta was captured by Vasir in the process, leaving a power vacuum at the head of her now shattered organization. Infighting erupted between Candit and Rita, her two most powerful sorceresses, even as the Exiles and Sleepers continued to lay waste to the Cult. Although the Overseers managed to wipe out the Sleepers, the Cult of Verore still has not managed to reorganize itself and remains on the brink of destruction.

In Rebellion, it was revealed that Rita had wrested control of the Cult for herself after killing Candit. However, the stability of her new regime remains unclear.

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