Descendants of the Dragon Logo

"If we but only stand, they will eventually fall."

-Counting The Days flavor text

In the northern mountains of Reish beyond the Demon Wastes live a spiritual people that hold honor and balance above all else. These are the Descendants of the Dragon. Masters of defense, the Descendants build mighty fortresses, monasteries, and walls to keep their enemies at bay and protect their people from corruption.

They are lead by Ao Shun, an ancient and immortal dragon of great wisdom, and the three sages: Daode, Yuanshi, and Lingbao. Through their spiritual practice the descendants have learned how to communicate with and harness the aid of ancestral spirits. Having also lived in the same honor-valuing society that the Descendants have maintained to the present day, these spirits help to defend their homeland and people from the forces that seek them harm.

The Descendants of the Dragon have always defended themselves from invaders. The Cult of Verore failed to dislodge them from their mountain fastnesses, nor could the roving Exiles break through. Even though the Sleepers were a grave threat, the Descendants managed to hold them off. Wary of outsiders, the Descendants remain ever vigilant, ever ready to repel whosoever should be foolish enough to attack them next.

The current relationship between the Descendants and the Overseers of Solace is, to say the least, strained. When Lilariah arrived on Reish, she chose one of the Descendants, Xi, to Ascend and work with the Overseers. Later, Gao Han was also chosen to Ascend and has since become the Champion of Warding. However, as of the Oppression set Xi has left the Overseers and returned to her people. The relationship is further called into question by the alternate artwork for Glorious Warrior, which shows an Overseer pointing a weapon at a Descendants warrior. In that light, it remained to be seen how the Descendants of the Dragon would react to the Overseers' oppressive policies and what role they would play in any future rebellion.

When the Rebellion finally did break out, the Descendants of the Dragon staunchly opposed the Overseers.

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