The Flame Dawn Emblem
Against the Flame Dawn, even a short stumble can mean death--Stumble flavor text

The Flame Dawn is a nation of conquerors on Talich led by Aberion. Prior to the rifts opening on Talich, the nations there went to war over land. The Flame Dawn, armed with weapons bought from the Genesis Industries, systematically conquered everyone else on the plane except for Genesis.

Flame Dawn's society was built on war and was unprepared to deal with the ensuing peace. The Flame Dawn incorporated all whom they conquered into their society, offering fame and status to natives and conquered alike in exchange for military valor. Without war, the society would crumble into internal conflict as the “world war” came to a close. This, combined with Aberion's aggressive and expansionist nature, led to tensions with Genesis Industries.

The tensions between the Flame Dawn and Genesis Industries led to a renewed conflict after a brief peace. Following a few initial skirmishes, however, the war was interrupted by the opening of the rifts. The two sides negotiated a truce and began to invade what they called "The New World"--better known as the Old World or Untamed World. With the rise of the Sleepers, the forces from Talich were systematically forced back--Bromich, the Field Commander of the Flame Dawn, was even slain in battle. In spite of the creation of the Purifiers, the Sleepers continued to advance.

When all hope seemed lost, the Overseers of Solace arrived on the scene. The Flame Dawn quickly allied with them to exterminate the Sleepers. Discovering that Genesis Industries had samples of the Virus in its possession, the Flame Dawn and the Overseers declared war on them.

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