"To fight, we prefer to make our machines stronger until they overpower the enemy. Giant robots are the best path to victory."

Lucca (Campaign Mission 3)

The Genesis Industries nation-corporation is based in the southern hemisphere of Talich and is led by Orion. Citizens there are referred to as citizen-employees and work for Genesis Industries building a vast array of advanced technology. They produce everything from robotic combat-ready dragons to cybernetic implants. Although they have been unable to create artificial life, they have to some extent explored teleportation (what they call “reality shifting”) and have successfully sent their technology into orbit.

As the war with the other nations on Talich came to a close, relations between Genesis Industries and the Flame Dawn became strained. Genesis Industries had sold weapons to the Flame Dawn during the war with the understanding that they would be left alone, but Aberion's aggressive nature led to several skirmishes and an end to the brief peace. This conflict would have undoubtedly erupted into a full-scale war if not for the opening of the rifts, whereupon the two sides once again negotiated a peace and agreed to explore these new worlds together.

When the rifts to Avarrach opened and the Virus was discovered, Orion sent Talich’s Aleta to investigate and try to help devise a cure. After she discovered Avarrach's Aleta, Talich's Aleta returned to the Genesis Industries to conduct research. Orion attempted to keep the existence of the Immortal Sufferer a secret from the Flame Dawn and the Overseers, who were interested in merely eradicating the virus rather than curing it. When this information was revealed, however, the Overseers and Flame Dawn declared war upon the Genesis Industries. Orion was slain by Sol in an early battle, but his forces continue to fight on, even managing to create a cure for the Virus.

Since then, the Overseers and the Flame Dawn have sought to destroy Genesis Industries, and the faction has become a beacon of Rebellion, led by Lucca herself after she left the Overseers in protest of their tyrannical policies.

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