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Originally home to many warring factions, the Flame Dawn and Genesis Industries came to dominate the plane of Talich. Orion, leader of the Genesis Industries, sold advanced weaponry to the Flame Dawn's leader Aberion, leading to a tentative truce between the two factions during the Dawn's wars of conquest. Before the rifts opened, Aberion declared war upon the Genesis Industries and invaded the last nation that was free from his control. However, before the war could escalate the rifts opened and the two sides agreed to another truce, this time to explore and conquer the Untamed World (also known as the Old World). Following the rise of the Sleepers, the Flame Dawn created a special unit called the Purifiers just to combat them, and Orion invested a great deal of Genesis Industries' resources in searching for a cure to the virus, even sending Aleta, the Immortal Tinkerer to the plane of Avarrach (where she becomes known as The Immortal Searcher). Following the arrival of the Overseers, however, the Flame Dawn once again declares war on Genesis--this time with the aid of the angels. Orion is killed, but in spite of the loss of their leader the Genesis Industries has not succumbed before the combined onslaught of the Flame Dawn and the Overseers. In fact, they even managed to create a cure for the virus.
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