The Calamity Standard Card Art

Calamity Alt Art

The Calamity Alternate Art (Treasures of the Calamity DLC)

The Calamity is a cataclysmic-type event that struck The Old World, nearly eradicating all of humanity. It is the main driving plot point of Infinity Wars, as the possibly-infinite alternate realities present in the game were caused by it.

The cause of the Calamity is unknown, though it is likely that Aleta was involved in some way. As an Easter egg within the deck builder of the game, searching for "Aleta" will also bring up the Calamity card, hinting at her involvement. The Alternate Art introduced in the Treasures of the Calamity DLC displays a woman who appears to be Aleta.

At some point in time, several rifts were opened between realities, creating bridges for the many factions of the game to pass through.

Prior to The Calamity Edit

Not much is known about the pre-Calamity Old World, except that humans used to live there in the past. After the events of the Calamity, only Aleta, the Immortal Caretaker survived.

Post-Calamity and The Warpath Edit

After the Calamity, the original world was forever changed. Aleta was left to care for the creatures that remained in her world. She spent over a millennia looking after them, and while she did, they started developing human qualities, becoming intelligent and growing in strength. After the Rifts opened, threats began to cross into their world, and they had to take action. They named themselves the Warpath, and together they fight against their various new enemies to protect their lands, their world, and their existence.

Alternate Realities Edit

Due to the events of the Calamity, a possibly-infinite amount of realities have been created, from which some have already been discovered. They are home to all of the known factions, as well as the fragments of Aleta's former self, among many other personalities. Each of these realities developed along a different path, creating an incredibly diverse selection of environments. In addition, each reality bears a remnant of the Calamity's epicenter, usually appearing as a massive crater. These are:

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