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The Overseers of Solace are a strictly hierarchical army of angels. At the very top of that hierarchy, the elite of the angelic forces, lie the Champions. The Champions of Solace are the most powerful and dedicated of the Overseers' forces, reflected in-game by their purity requirements (all are at least 2 purity Overseers) and the "Champion" mechanic, which prevents you from fielding more than one at a time. Although many of them are not well-known in the lore, those that are play important roles in the story.

Currently Known Champions Edit

Kraos, Champion of Ruin Edit

Lore unknown.

Harahel, Champion of Virtue Edit

Lore unknown.

Serennia, Champion of Life Edit

Lore unknown.

Tempus, Champion of Patience Edit

Lore unknown.

Lilariah, Champion of Grace Edit

One of the first Overseers to leave Solace, Lilariah led the first expeditions against the Sleepers. Interacting with the various factions of the dimensions, she chose three women who were pure of heart and granted them Ascension: Kali of the Flame Dawn, Lucca of Genesis Industries, and Xi of the Descendants of the Dragon.

Sol's oppressive tactics following the eradication of the Sleepers led Lilariah to doubt his leadership. Eventually, his extremist policies were too much and she gathered a group of like-minded angels and staged a rebellion within Solace itself, even as across the planes various factions rebelled against the Overseers.

Irial, Champion of Resolve Edit

Lore unknown.

Melosia, Champion of Despair Edit

Lore unknown.

Sol, Champion of Vengeance Edit

Formerly an angel of curiosity, Sol was enamored with the people of Avarrach before they fell to the Virus. He watched, helpless and horrified, as it overcame their plane. Following a skirmish with the demons of Torment Sol reformed as the incredibly powerful champion of vengeance. When the Prophet Karani opened a gateway between Solace and the Old World, Sol was one of those who advocated intervention. He fought with great fury against the Sleepers, relishing the task of destroying them.

When Sol learned that Orion was harboring the Avarrach Aleta, who carried the Virus, he was enraged. Fearing that the Genesis Industries leader would weaponize the Virus and only interested in its destruction, he declared war upon Genesis Industries and personally slew Orion. Sol now fights alongside Aberion in the war against Genesis.

Ascended Champions Edit

These champions were once mortals, but by the favor of the Overseers they were granted the power of Ascension.

Aberion, Champion of Force Edit

Aberion became a Champion following his actions in the early stages of the war between Genesis Industries and the combined forces of the Overseers and the Flame Dawn. He now prosecutes the war with zeal.

Gao Han, Champion of Warding Edit

Gao Han became a Champion following his actions in Reish. It is unclear whether or not the honor came from his actions against the Sleepers or against the demons of Torment; also unclear are his current whereabouts and loyalty.

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