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The Old World, also known as the Untamed World (and occasionally referred to as the New World by forces from Talich), is home to the Warpath and (except for the Old World's Aleta) devoid of all human life. The Old World is the remains of the original world on which The Calamity took place, its human population wiped out as a result. In their place the flora and fauna flourished, growing to huge proportions and covering the world with life. The remains of the past human civilization can be seen in the spirits of the dead who linger in the Old World and of the Ruins of an Ancient Civilization which the forest has taken over, but not destroyed.

The Old World is not only the original location of the Calamity. It is also a nexus for the multiverse, and all known planes have rifts leading from them to the Old World. Once the rifts opened, the inhabitants of the other realities invaded the Old World, most notably a joint expedition of the Flame Dawn and Genesis Industries from Talich. This was soon followed by an invasion of Sleepers from Avarrach. In light of the threat of the virus, the Warpath allied itself with the Talich forces before being discarded. The Prophet Karani opened a portal to Solace, allowing the Overseers to enter the realities and combat the Sleeper threat. Although much of the Untamed World has been wiped out by the Sleepers and the Overseers, it has begun to regrow and flourish. However, because of its location as a nexus between worlds the Old World has remained hotly contested territory between the warring factions.

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