For the card, see The Virus of Avarrach.

Story Edit

RISE- The Virus Of Avarrach

The Virus of Avarrach (Rise)

The Virus of Avarrach is the name given to the series of Nanomachines that were created in Avarrach by Patient Zero (original name unknown) in an attempt to give himself immortality so he could spend eternity with Avarrach's Aleta. They were the cause of Avarrach's destruction, the creation of the Sleepers, as well as Aleta's corruption.

The sleepers caused great havoc among the many other realities, as the Rifts allowed them to cross through and infect everything in their path. A collective effort was made to end the rampage, including the Overseers' intervention and many sacrifices.

A cure was found by Genesis Industries, working with Talich's Aleta.

The "Virus" Itself Edit

The Nanomachines were seemingly created to cure diseases, revert the metabolic process, and provide regeneration in case of body damage, effectively giving the host immortality. As an unforeseen side-effect, when they came in contact with the host's organs, they began to rebuild them into machines as they deemed their biological form incapable of functioning at the required standards for an immortal being.

This process is incredibly painful, driving the host insane and eventually seizing control from his/her body in a zombie-like manner.

The nanomachines lack sentience, but they will steer their undead hosts towards other life forms in an attempt to spread and "help" more individuals.

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