'Specimen 34.0a is easily identifiable by being really, really big. Fleeing in panic is advised.' - Genesis Industries Field Operations Manual--Hidden by Clouds flavor text

Native to the Untamed World, The Warpath are a race of anthropomorphic megafauna descended from a variety of well known animals and even plants. Some resemble foxes, wolves, lions, bears, rhinos, apes, rabbits, deer, tigers, walruses, mammoths, and even trees; though some appear to have their own unique origins. Although animal-like and possessing no technology, The Warpath are highly intelligent. They live in tribal organizations and practice a variety of magic, most notably healing magic.

Prior to the opening of the rifts, the only human The Warpath had known was The Old World’s Aleta who taught, organized, and cared for them as family. When the rifts opened, The Warpath first encountered the inhabitants of Talich. After peaceful negotiations failed, the Flame Dawn began slaughtering Warpath to take their land and Genesis Industries destroyed the land to get into the rich untouched ore deposits it contained. The Old World’s Aleta then organized the many Warpath tribes into one fighting force to defend their homeland.

When the Sleepers began pouring into the world through the rifts, the Warpath was devastated. Fighting a war on multiple fronts that they neither wanted nor were prepared for, they began to fall in droves. Desperate, Aleta allied the Warpath with the Talich forces, but they were quickly abandoned as the situation continued to deteriorate. Finally, the Prophet Karani sacrificed herself to open a portal to Solace, allowing the Overseers to intervene and destroy the Sleepers.

Except the Overseers destroyed so much more. Because they gained sustenance from human, rather than animal, emotion, the Overseers felt no qualms about eradicating almost all life on the Old World. Only a relatively small settlement to the north remained of the once mighty Warpath. Following what they consider to be a foul betrayal, the Warpath continue to fight against the Overseers and all others who would invade their once beautiful world.

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