ASCENSION- Lucca, Ascended
Faction Genesis -or- Overseers Purity Genesis -or- Angels Symbol
Type Unique Character - Angel
Set Ascension Rarity Uncommon
Cost 4 Morale 6
Atk 6 HP 6


When Lucca enters the Deployed Area, all Angels and Artificial characters gain +2/+2.

RU: Летающий

Когда Лукка входит в зону размещения, все Ангелы и Artificial персонажи получают +2/+2.




Play Tips: Lucca, Ascended works well in decks with many small Angel and/or Artificial Characters.

Her ability works on herself making her 8/8 when she comes into play.

Cards such as Controlled Temporal Anomaly, Mysterious Box Of Wonder and (more impractically) Temporary Mass Reality Shift will activate her ability again when she returns to play.

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