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\\\\Previews going are up! Full set release date: June 13th IWT

The Oppression batch of cards is the Fifth expansion for Infinity Wars.

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NOTE: The following cards' images are incorrect as of the release of the set: Tracks the Cowardly, Equilibrium, Corrupted Celestial Dragon, and Volatile Genome. Please click their respective images for an up-to-date text.

Basically, Tracks the Cowardly only hits characters in the support zone, Equilibrium only hits deployed characters, Corrupted Celestial Dragon has flying and unstoppable, and Volatile Genome's cost is 5.

Known Bugs as of 6/16:
-Aunissial must survive the turn you play him for his effect remain active next turn.
-Logrithmatron's Overcharge effect works inconsistently if used from the command zone.
-Redirect currently does nothing when played.
-Struggle for Power will take locations, artifacts, and missions if completed.

Oppression Set

OPPRESSION- Siege BreakerOPPRESSION- Adaptive ScoutOPPRESSION- Timely StrikeOPPRESSION- Vanguard Of The BondOPPRESSION- Pillage The VillageOPPRESSION- CaltropsOPPRESSION- Denial Of StrengthOPPRESSION- Frontline WarriorOPPRESSION- Intimidating RallyOPPRESSION- FlagbearerOPPRESSION- Proctul, The SniperOPPRESSION- DecimatorOPPRESSION- Vis, The FuriousOPPRESSION- Klore, The Rapier CenturionOPPRESSION- Adaptive HulkerOPPRESSION- Pit BrawlerOPPRESSION- Gift Of The PassingOPPRESSION- Docile MooseOPPRESSION- Tracks The CowardlyOPPRESSION- Denial Of MagicOPPRESSION- They Who RampageOPPRESSION- Strikes When StruckOPPRESSION- Hunted DownOPPRESSION- Ancient Aggression EmblemOPPRESSION- Subdues The MeekOPPRESSION- AunissialOPPRESSION- KarckkOPPRESSION- UpgradeOPPRESSION- RebornOPPRESSION- TinkerOPPRESSION- Adaptive ConstructOPPRESSION- Cloaked OperativeOPPRESSION- ConstructionOPPRESSION- Assimilation BotOPPRESSION- Treasure Hunter 3000OPPRESSION- WeaponizeOPPRESSION- Denial Of FlightOPPRESSION- Disruption SphereOPPRESSION- LogrithmatronOPPRESSION- Flux CapacitorOPPRESSION- Lance Of JinhaiOPPRESSION- Adaptive MasterOPPRESSION- Echo Of The BattlefieldOPPRESSION- Denial Of ForceOPPRESSION- Xi, Who Honors The ManyOPPRESSION- Monk Of The Second MoonOPPRESSION- Pacifying WindsOPPRESSION- Find Your WayOPPRESSION- Honorable FarewellOPPRESSION- VigilOPPRESSION- Counting The DaysOPPRESSION- Jinhai DojoOPPRESSION- Avatar Of YaunshiOPPRESSION- Liand, The FearlessOPPRESSION- Chain LightningOPPRESSION- Acolyte Of The CryptOPPRESSION- Black Bind WitchOPPRESSION- Neophyte SummonerOPPRESSION- Burden Of CommandOPPRESSION- Denial Of SupriseOPPRESSION- RedirectOPPRESSION- Fortress GolemOPPRESSION- Adaptive BruteOPPRESSION- Resilient SlimeOPPRESSION- Demon Of Dark BargainOPPRESSION- Struggle For PowerOPPRESSION- Voracious GoliathOPPRESSION- Denial Of ReasonOPPRESSION- Demonic ReflectionOPPRESSION- Kidnapped By DemonsOPPRESSION- Two FaceOPPRESSION- Adaptive RitualistOPPRESSION- Volatile GenomeOPPRESSION- Corrupted Celestial DragonOPPRESSION- YagronOPPRESSION- Harbinger Of LawOPPRESSION- Forerunner Of The ChampionsOPPRESSION- Recruit Of SolaceOPPRESSION- Rescue AngelOPPRESSION- OppressOPPRESSION- Champion's CompanionOPPRESSION- DiveOPPRESSION- Mysterious Box Of WonderOPPRESSION- Angelic VeilOPPRESSION- Solace's PeaceOPPRESSION- Denial Of AdvancementOPPRESSION- Adaptive DroneOPPRESSION- Tempus, Champion Of PatienceOPPRESSION- Melosia, Champion Of DespairOPPRESSION- Ex, The OppressorOPPRESSION- Tyra, The Burden Of WarOPPRESSION- EquilibriumOPPRESSION- Die Another DayOPPRESSION- CowmmandoOPPRESSION- Agent Coyle, AssimilatorOPPRESSION- Agent Coyle, Superior SymbioteOPPRESSION- Shattered VeilOPPRESSION- RetaliationOPPRESSION- Spawn, Fierce CompanionOPPRESSION- Monster Hunt

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