CORE- Orion, Master Architect
Faction Genesis Industries Purity GenesisGenesis
Type Unique Character - Human
Set Core 2013 Rarity Rare
Cost 4 Morale 10
Atk 4 HP 8

Exhaust, remove a card from your Graveyard and pay resources equal to that card's cost: Create an X/X Artificial Character, where X is twice the cost of the removed card.


'I promise every employee of Genesis Industries that no man or woman will be left behind.

Even those who fall shall be part of the new world.'

-Orion, Leader of Genesis Industries

Play Tips: Increases board stay ability

Keeps graveyard creatures from getting stolen and then used by opponent.

If you have a Mega Unit or Inter-Dimensional Phase Bot in your graveyard makes for a fun surprise.

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