Two promotional sets have been released for Infinity Wars. These are special sets which contain unique cards. They can only be played in Infinite mode; they are not legal in Normal, Ranked, Rift Runs, Merged or Pauper.

The promotional sets have their own logos replacing the "Infinity Wars" logo in the bottom right of the card. They are not considered part of the Lore.


The Omni set was a promotional set released on 2 January 2014[1] and was available until it was removed from the store on 14 March 2016.[2][3] It commemorated the first game created by Lightmare - a MOBA called Omni.

The Omni set contained 3 cards. Omni cards were only available in a pack which contained 4 copies of each card in the set. No Premium borders or effects were available. Omni cards are tradeable.

All Omni cards are Factionless Unique Characters with a unique alternate victory condition.

Star Trek:Phase OneEdit

The Star Trek: Phase One set was a promotional set released on 1 May 2014[4] and was available until it was removed from the store on 14 March 2016.[2][3] It was briefly returned for a final time from 4 April 2016 to 9 April 2016. After this time the license expired.[5]

This promotional set is based on the popular science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The set introduced two new factions - the Federation and Klingons. There were also two Factionless cards.

The set introduced several mechanics that would appear in later sets of the core game, including Mission cards and looking at the opponent's hand.

Star Trek cards could be purchased either through a blister pack containing 4 cards or through a pack (purchasable for Lightmare Points only) which contained 1 of each card in the set. Cards purchased through the blister packs could have premium borders or effects.

Pre-orders were taken for Star Trek cards, and these pre-orders gave Platinum cards.

All purchased Star Trek cards are tradeable. Three Platinum soulbound Starfleet Ensigns were awarded as a pre-order bonus. A single soulbound Data was also awarded to all players shortly after release of the set.

Star Trek Set
Image Name Purity Faction
Starfleet Ensign
Starfleet Ensign Federation Symbol Federation
Type-2 Phaser
Type 2 Phaser Federation Symbol Federation
USS Enterprise
USS Enterprise Federation SymbolFederation Symbol Federation
Make It So.
Make It So Federation Symbol Federation
Red Alert
Red Alert Federation Symbol Federation
To Boldly Go
To Boldly Go Federation Symbol Federation
William T. Riker
William T. Riker Federation Symbol Federation
Picard Federation SymbolFederation Symbol Federation
Diplomatic Exploration
Diplomatic Exploration Federation SymbolFederation Symbol Federation
Data Federation Symbol Federation
Counsellor Troi
Counsellor Troi Federation Symbol Federation
Worf Federation Symbol Klingon Symbol Hybrid
Klingon Warrior
Klingon Warrior Klingon Symbol Klingons
Gowron Klingon Symbol Klingons
Duel Klingon Symbol Klingons
Captain Kurn
Captain Kurn Klingon SymbolKlingon Symbol Klingons
Bird of Prey
Bird of Prey Klingon SymbolKlingon Symbol Klingons
Bat'Leth Klingon Symbol Klingons
Factionless logo
Factionless logo
Card Sets
1. IW2013 (Core) 2. Rise 3. Infestation
4. Ascension 5. Order 6. Oppression

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