Rebellion is the seventh Infinity Wars set.


There are 100 cards in the Rebellion set.

Cards were released by way of four "wave" packs, starting with 8 cards available through Wave One from 19 July 2016.

According to the official announcement, "In August, we will remove that first preview Penta-Pack and replace it with another one. The same concept applies as it did for July with an exception: There will be more than eight new cards in the second preview Penta-Pack. The new card count will increase each month for a few more months. In the final month the most new cards will be unveiled, which will mean the entire set has been unveiled by then. At that time, we plan to preserve and honor the milestone pre-order system that has existed for previous expansions. The final preview Penta-Pack will be removed, and a full expansion Penta-Pack just for the new card set will be available to purchase. Pre-order will take effect, and all full-set Penta-Packs purchased in that time period will result in Platinum cards."[3]


Genesis IndustriesEdit

Cult of VeroreEdit

Flame DawnEdit

Descendants of the DragonEdit

Sleepers of AvarrachEdit


Overseers of SolaceEdit



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