Rift Runs are the draft game mode of Infinity Wars.

Instead of using a pre-constructed deck, players "draft" cards out of a randomly chosen selection. Players then attempt to win as many games as possible with that deck until reaching three defeats. The more wins a player gets, the greater the rewards.


Practice Rift Runs cost nothing, but will give you no IP or rewards. Practice Rift Runs are against random AI.

Regular Rift Runs cost 2000 IP, 75 Lightmare Points or 1 Rift Token to "Buy in". However, after your run, based on how well you did, you receive rewards. Any IP you would have earned from individual games is awarded as part of these end rewards rather than after each game.

Drafting CardsEdit

Rift Runs (Drafting) Preview

Rift Runs (Drafting) Preview

Once you've started one or the other, you will be given the option to select your 40 cards from 4 possible selections at a time. 3 Commanders are first chosen from the options, which determine what purity your deck will have. After that you pick the rest of your cards.

The player is free to quit Infinity Wars at any time while not in a match. The current deck and number of wins will be saved indefinitely until the player returns. Matches in other Game Modes will not affect the run.


Once you've lost three games, you can no longer use your deck and are given the option to claim your rewards. This involves 6 chests that pop up, containing cards and IP points which are dependent on how well you did.

You are also given the option to buy your deck outright. The cost in either Lightmare Points or IP points is reduced from a set value based on the number of wins you achieve. When you reach 29 wins, the deck is free.

Wins Reward
1 Common
2 2 Commons
3 Uncommon + 2 Commons
4 2 Uncommons + Common
5 Rare
6 Rare + Common
7 Rare + Uncommon + Common
8 Rare + 2 Uncommons
9 2 Rares + Uncommon
10 Epic
12 Epic + Uncommon
15 Epic + Rare + Uncommon
18 Epic + 2 Rares
21 Legendary
24 Legendary + Rare
27 Legendary + Epic + Rare
29 Deck is free
30 Legendary + 2 Epics
35 Legendary + 2 Epics + Gold Common
40 2 Legendaries + Epic + Gold Uncommon
45 2 Legendaries + Epic + Gold Rare
50 2 Legendaries + Epic + Gold Epic
60 3 Legendaries + Gold Legendary
70 3 Legendaries + Gold Legendary + Infinity Rare
80 3 Legendaries + Gold Legendary + Infinity Epic
100 3 Legendaries + Gold Legendary + Infinity Legendary

IP is calculated based on the formula (Wins * 150) * (Random number between 0.9 and 1.1) [1]

IMPORTANT - If you want to end a run early, DO NOT "Abandon Run" as this will forfeit all your rewards. Instead, enter the queue and concede your remaining games to other players.

Weekly LeaderboardsEdit

A leaderboard is maintained based on the number of wins. The leaderboard resets every week on Tuesday 11:59 IWT.[2]

The following rewards are offered to players based on their position on the leaderboard when it resets:

Position Reward
1 3 Infinity Border cards & 3 Tradable Rare+ (Gold or Foil) cards & 5 Penta-Packs
2-5 2 Tradable Rare+ (Gold or Foil) cards & 5 Penta-Packs
6-25 1 Tradable (Gold or Foil) card & 5 Penta Packs
26-50 1 Tradable Foil card & 3 Penta Packs

In the event that two or more players have the same number of wins, players are ranked based on when they placed on the leaderboard. The player who reached that number of wins first has precedence, then the second, and so on. [3]

Card PoolEdit

As of Patch 1.5, draft is curated. This means that not all cards can be drafted. [4] [5]

Please note that due to the fact that Rift Runs can be started and saved indefinitely, it is possible to meet opponents who drafted their cards in the past when the card pool was different.

Not Available in DraftEdit

The following cards cannot be drafted at all:

Deck OnlyEdit

The following cards are NOT available as commanders. They ARE able to be drafted in the deck:

Commanders OnlyEdit

The following cards are NOT available in deck, but ARE available as commanders:


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