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In Infinity Wars cards may be traded between players.

To trade, a player needs to be Level 5.

Card Rarities[]

  • Cards have their rarity displayed in the lower left of the card.
  • There are 5 tiers of rarity. From lowest to highest: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary.
  • The higher the rarity, the less likely the card is to drop from booster packs. Penta-Packs are guaranteed to contain at least one Rare or greater card.

Premium cards[]

Some cards have special coloured borders or effects. These are cosmetic effects only. See Premium cards for more information.


  • The game has a trade channel where players may post trade offers.
  • There are some common unofficial abbreviations used in trade chat. These include "WTT" (Want to Trade) and "LF" (Looking For).
  • Links can also be posted in trade chat, which can be clicked by other players. This is recommended if you have a long list of cards for trade.
  • To bring up the trade menu, just click on the player's name and click the invite to trade buttom on the top of the chat menu. Alternatively, invites can be sent by typing /trade into chat followed by the other player's name.

Trade Menu[]

  • If the other player accepts the trade invite, the trade menu is opened for both players.
  • Cards on the left are your cards and the cards on the right are the other player's cards.
  • Players can request cards from other players. The other player may grant the request, which adds the card to the trade, or refuse.
  • The trade window has a built in chat window to communicate.
  • Players may filter both their own and the other player's cards by various criteria (such as rarity, set, faction). Alternatively cards can be searched by name.
  • Once the players agree on a trade, players can finalize the trade.

Real money transactions[]

Players are permitted to enter into real money transactions to buy or sell their cards, packs, or accounts.

Real money transactions are solely at the risk of the players involved. Lightmare and Yodo1 assume no responsibility for such transactions.

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