RISE- Tygris, The Architect
Faction Genesis Industries Purity GenesisGenesis
Type Unique Character - Human
Set Rise Rarity Legendary
Cost 5 Morale 12
Atk 3 HP 7

Pay 1 (Plus any extras), Exhaust: Tygris creates a character. You may choose the size and Abilities this character has. You pay additional costs for each ability.

   1 Resource to activate
   1 Resource per +2/2 
   2 Resources: Charge
   2 Resources: Vigilance
   3 Resources: Flying
   3 Resources: Unstoppable
   4 Resources: Untouchable
   Notes:  A created character can possess all 5 abilities (Vigilance takes priority over Charge).



Play Tips: Decently targeted character.

Got a problem? Well if you got the resources Tygris can get you the fire power and/or abilities to solve it.

Abilities are unsurprisingly costly which limits the size of his creations.

His creations are thankfully low moral cost.

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