RISE- Undisturbed Necropolis
Faction Sleepers of Avarrach Purity Sleepers
Type Location
Set Rise Rarity Rare
Cost 6
Text At the end of the turn, Undisturbed Necropolis creates a 4/4 Undead Zombie Character for each enemy Character that died the previous turn.

On the dead world of Avarrach, Justin explored the unnamed, empty city. An oppressive sense of dread filled the streets, creating hesitation with each step.

The wide streets were littered with the corpses of its long dead citizens. How long they had been there, Justin could not tell. They unnerved him, and so he gave them a wide berth.

The air was still, as though it were aware of the pointlessness of stirring a dead world. Every object inside the homes he looked through was covered in thick dust, unsettled only by his passing.

In the center of the city was a shattered clocktower. Justin was intrigued. It appeared identical to the clocktower which stood for so long in the city of Lanstead, back home.

He entered the building. The elevators inside were powerless, so he took the stairs up. Lifeless bodies filled the stairway, and he noted with interest the every body was modified with cybernetics.

These modifications looked malignant to Justin. Each corpse looked like it had died in pain from within, torturing its host and distorting the body.

On one of the uppermost floors, the wall was shattered, allowing him to see out across the dead city. While looking out the ruined wall, he caught his hand on a sharp corner.

A few drops of his blood fell to the street below. When they reached the ground, the city awoke.

Corpses which had lain still for centuries rose, an entire city of the dead risen by the smell of blood. They tore Justin apart.

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