CORE- Unstable Bomb-Bot
Faction Genesis Industries Purity Genesis
Type Character - Artificial
Set Core 2013 Rarity Rare
Cost 3 Morale 4
Atk 8 HP 4
Text At the start of each turn, you may pay 2. If you do, Unstable Bomb-bot gains +4/+0. If not, Unstable Bomb-bot is sacrificed, and deals damage equal to its power to every Character on the Battlefield.

RU: В начале каждого хода вы можете заплатить 2. Если вы это сделаете, то Unstable Bomb-bot получит +4/+0. Если нет, то Unstable Bomb-bot приносится в жертву и наносит урон, равный своей силе каждому персонажу на Поле боя.



Play Tips: When it goes off it activates before preemptive abilities.

Can be made into an ungodly nuke.

Junkyard can give it a shield meaning your opponent will have to work to remove your bomb.

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