January 19th 2016, Version 1.4.10Edit

  • No more Martyr Golem redirection loops! Redirection effects now keep a history of where they’ve been redirected to, and will stop if it detects that a loop is created. Specifically, when Martyr Golem (or a similar card) goes to intercept a source of damage, it will check to see if it’s intercepted it before in that instance of damage’s “bounce history”. If it has, the Martyr Golem will ignore this second instance, preventing a loop.
  • No more Endless Turn! For real this time. Endless Turn bugs were created whenever the game somehow got into a state where it could not progress any further due to a bug behind the scenes. Now, instead of having an endless turn, both players will get a “Card Interaction” error message which can be forwarded to Support to get the bug fixed, and both players will exit gracefully from the match, without the match being counted.
    • Disclaimer: certain conditions may still cause an “endless turn”. The most likely cause is if your opponent disconnects, as they won’t be able to end their turn while disconnected. If you do find a case where both players are connected and still get the endless turn bug, let us know, we will shed many tears, and we’ll investigate further.
  • More reliable draft. Draft has been notorious for timing out on the server, so we’ve put in place systems so automatically recover your draft information if the connection is lost. Also, if you lose internet connection while drafting, your draft will automatically pick up once your connection resumes.

Card BugsEdit

  • Recruit of Solace will now properly gain Flying if you Overcharge it when deploying from the Command Zone.
  • Fight! now properly no longer says that it deals combat damage. The actual functionality of the card was changed a few patches ago.
  • As noted above, having two Martyr Golems (or similar effects such as Cassial, the Selfless) in play at the same time will no longer cause the game to crash.
  • Changing the ownership of a Lilariah (such as with Zuza), will no longer cause a fatal card interaction error (previously caused an endless turn bug).
  • Fixed several mission cards where were not properly resetting their progress after leaving play. Fixed cards are Ritual of Summoning, Struggle for Power, Tactical Retreat, Kidnapped by Demons, and Diplomatic Exploration (the Star Trek card).
  • The “Denial” cycle of cards (Denial of Reason, Denial of Flight, etc) now are properly considered discard effects, and should trigger abilities such as Hungry Abomination’s.
  • Chalice of Madness will now properly trigger Hungry Abomination’s ability.
  • Discarding a card due to the maximum hand size will now properly trigger Hungry Abomination’s ability.
  • Rabid Rabbit will now properly transform into a character with the correct stats if it’s under the effect of a power or health buff.
  • The flying granted by Descent into Madness will now properly remove when the target leaves play (assuming you ever see that card again).
  • Jinhai Dojo will now properly trigger Remove from Game effects such as Interdimensional Phase Bot.
  • Cards should no longer “stick” to the screen for a while after choosing who to sacrifice to Xac.
  • Xac (when transformed) will now properly force a sacrifice even if he dies after triggering his ability.
  • Poison and Immolate effects now consider the damage dealt to come from the source of the debuff. (Previously, the damage source was considered to be the card with the debuff). As a result, card effects such as Noble Protector should now properly prevent from Poison and Immolate.
  • Frontline Warrior now properly gains +0/+1 for additional attacks from effects such as Unstoppable and Multistrike.
  • Overcharging Voracious Goliath when the opponent has no characters in play will no longer cause a fatal card interaction error (previously caused an endless turn bug).
  • Fixed many cases where cards would become stuck on the screen if they interacted with the game state from the graveyard.
  • Fixed Agent Coyle, Superior Symbiote not giving the proper +3 health to characters it has raised.
  • Updated Agent Coyle, Superior Symbiote’s text to clarify that it raises the character from the graveyard, rather than deploying it (which would trigger certain abilities it does not).
  • Uncontrolled Rift will no longer give alternate art versions of cards, including alternate art which has yet to be released.
  • Cassial, the Selfless will now only ascend if she actually absorbs damage, 0 damage or another card such as Martyr Golem intercepting the damage will not count.
  • Omnimind now properly creates cards called Drone, rather than Unending Drone, which can have issues if you have real Unending Drones in play

Minor StuffEdit

  • Fixed an error in the opponent disconnected message that was creating an incomplete sentence displayed in the popup.
  • Attempting to close the client mid-game multiple times will no longer cause multiple confirmation popups to layer upon each other.
  • Clarified many error messages where a match result result would not be recorded due to an error to reflect that.
  • If an opponent fails to load, it will no longer display the Epic Diem custom logo as the fallback avatar for the opponent.
  • The AI will no longer be able to attack or defend with a character exhausted from an ability effect.
  • The Death Trap deck no longer contains Wholesale Slaughter (which was illegal in it) and now contains Demonize in its place.
  • Removed some unsightly extra spaces in Jinhai Dojo’s card text.
  • Removed the Rulebook button from the main menu.
  • The Facebook button on the Home Screen is once again functional.
  • Text on cards should now layer properly when a large number of cards are in a single zone.


August 27th 2015, Version 1.4.8Edit

New FeatureEdit

The Daily Reward system has been revamped. It's been graphically updated, and has new functionality. Rather than always receiving a random single card for logging in, players can now receive all sorts of rewards for logging in. The Daily Rewards now tell you ahead of time what rewards you'll get, if you log in multiple days in a row.

Additionally, the rewards you receive are now determined based on your player profile and history. For instance, a new player is looking to get lots of low rarity cards to kickstart their collection, so by logging in they'll get offered just that. More established players dont really need bulk low rarity cards, and so will be offered rewards more tailored to what they will want, such as cards for their favorite faction.

This system will be undergoing several tweaks as we fine tune rewards over time, based on player feedback.

The random card reward for playing the first 3 games each day has been removed. Updated the models for two old battlefields: Breeding Grounds and the Hellmouth.

Balance ChangesEdit

In this patch, we wanted to dial back some of the explosive power that the Overseers of Solace have in a few cards which were starting to prove a bit too much, so some of the cards that were putting them over the edge recieved a bit of a number tweak.

Ever since it was created, Counting the Days has been a problem card. We dont like what it's doing to the metagame, encouraging stall tactics very heavily and giving those strategies a way to close the game that's extremely undynamic. While we considered just nerfing the card into unplayability by making it take longer to complete (imagine if it took 20 turns to complete), we were concerned that this would simply lead to the same meta, but more painful for players, as they had to wait twice as long for the game to come to a conclusion. Instead, we opted to make Counting the Days not outright win the game for you, but instead put you in a position where you're in a very good position to win the game, provided you have some semblance of board position.

Avatar of Daode / Avatar of Lingbao / Avatar of Yaunshi now reset back to their original card when they prevent death. Forerunner of the Champions now gains +2/+2, down from +3/+3. Higher Calling now gives +6/+6, down from +8/+8. Counting the Days has a new effect: rather than winning the game when it is complete, it now costs 3 Resources, gains 20% at the end of each turn, and gives a +5/+5 buff when it's completed.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed an issue with Honor Hill battlefields missing it's mesh.
  • Fixed Retaliation ignoring Untouchable.
  • Fixed Fortress Golem asking to overcharge while in the Command Zone.
  • Fixed Nysrugh, the Hungrys on-death effect taking place when it is stopped from dying (two lives, shield, etc)
  • Fixed Kidnapped by Demons returning the kidnapped card to the support zone rather than its original zone.
  • Fixed Ultra-Unit destroying all cards in play, now only destroys deployed characters as stated on the card.
  • Fixed Ultra-Unit sacrificing, rather than killing, all cards owned by the controlling player. It still sacrifices the three required Mega Units, however.

Agent Coyle, Ascended's evolved form has had Unstoppable removed, due to its unusual interaction with the card "remove from game" effect, which causes Unstoppable unable to trigger.

  • Apparition and other cards which copy stats will now also copy temporary stat buffs (such as effects which only last until the end of the turn.) Note that those temporary stat buffs will still only last until the end of the turn even when copied.
  • Fixed the cause of a lot of cases where on one client the opponent would play the same card multiple times, causing a desync. This also should fix some exploits we have seen to cause the same ability to go off multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug when an effect created a card that card would not be considered "in play" the next time state based effects were checked.
  • Fixed a bug which caused players to not be able to add friends while in a match.
  • Lanstead now also removes all damage on the targeted card when setting the power and health of that card, preventing situations where Lanstead would kill the targeted card if it had taken too much damage.
  • Campaign cutscenes should no longer play when loading into a PvP game after playing the campaign.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the client to display that you have zero of some types of cards when logging between two accounts.
  • Fixed Kung Ji, The Glorious Strategist not consistently triggering its morale loss ability to non-combat damage.
  • Fixed Kung Ji, the Glorious Strategist not triggering in zones other than the Defense Zone.
  • Fixed some unusual undo logic errors with Apparition.
  • Fight! no longer deals combat damage, instead just dealing regular vanilla damage, as it was causing some unintended bugs (such as with Fleeting Footman). This means you can't fight a moose anymore.
  • Being removed from the game should more consistently remove all additional health and power buffs it obtained, such as those from Undisturbed Monk, Recurring Nightmare and Dead Feaster which used less conventional buffing logic.
  • Candit, in mission 6 of the campaign, has been replaced by a Death Worshipper, as playing her circumvents the need to use the Trading Post in that mission.
  • Tyra and Tygrugh's abilities no longer consider you to have 0 cards in your hand if you have a Contained Parallel Rift in play.
  • Martyr Golem's ability will no longer proc when taking damage directly, attempting to redirect it to itself, which could cause strange interactions.
  • Noble Protector (and other damage prevention effects) can now properly prevent the damage redirected by a Martyr Golem and similar redirection effects. We understand this creates a potentially very potent combo now, and will be monitoring to see if this combo becomes a healthy part of the meta, or if it becomes unbalanced and we need to take action.
  • Disarm's text has been updated to properly reflect that it can target deployed characters, not just those on the battlefield. The functionality remains unchanged, it was always able to hit the support zone.
  • Implemented some code for Herald of Dawn which will prevent it from causing Endless Turn bugs in some edge cases.
  • Xac should now properly transform when in combat with characters with protection from death effects.
  • Altar of Binding now becomes destroyed when the targeted character leaves the zone it was bound to, rather than just when it leaves play.
  • Quotation marks now work in chat. Have "fun".
  • Fixed an issue where Dark Wish's third ability was making your deck invisible after closing the zone browser.

June 22nd 2015, Version 1.4.6Edit

  • Oppression is now ranked live, and draftable in Rift Runs!
  • Fix to Overcharged Storm / Overcharged Bolt ability not working when no overcharge cards are chosen.
  • Fix to Volatile Genome / Hunted Down not being able to target cards that are in a invalid zone (With a warning).
  • Fix to Flux Capacitor giving its buff inconsistently, and being able to be used improperly.
  • Infected Purifier, now retains its cost when it transforms (Remains a 3 drop).
  • Aunissial is no longer a coward, the haste buff for next turn is no longer dependent on Aunissial being Alive and Deployed.

June 19th 2015, Version 1.4.5Edit

  • Wholesale slaughter is now 2 purity.
  • Prayer of the dragon has been changed to only prevent the first death of the target character that turn, sorry Gao Han.
  • Kidnapped by demons is now unique.
  • Ancient Aggression Emblems activatable ability now costs 2 down from 3.
  • Klore has had his base stats reduced to 2 / 3.
  • Pacifying winds has had it effect changed to the following: When you play Pacifying Winds, you may Overcharge it any number of times. Target Character on the Battlefield has its power reduced to 0 until the end of the turn. You may target an additional Character for each time you Overcharged.
  • Fixed struggle for power giving control for all deployed cards rather than just deployed characters.
  • Fixed Adaptive Ritualist not undoing correctly, and he has been re-enabled for ranked.
  • Fixed Redirect redirecting all targeted abilities, not just the enemies.
  • Redirect will now only allow targeting of character cards.
  • Fixed Overcharged Bolt not correctly checking to see if it should fizzle.
  • Fixed some issues with Overcharge that was causing Endless Turns in certain situations.
  • Fixed Tygris, the Architect missing some of its ability text.
  • Cards with multiple artist names no longer encroach onto the set number.
  • Single Combat Now only works on opponents Deployed Characters, as intended.
  • Ghost Knight's effect only works when deployed, as intended.
  • Evolving parasite should now interact correctly with effects that prevent death, such as Flame Dawn Paladin.
  • Kidnapped by demons no longer gains completion from non-Characters dying.
  • Veroria, The Lone Keep. If you have initiative and activate its ability than your opponent destroys the keep, the effect of Veroria will still be in play.

June 13th 2015, Version 1.4.4Edit

  • Updated Timely Strike’s cost to be 4 cost as intended, rather than 3 cost.
  • Fixed a bug where Proctul, the Sniper’s ability was not costing resources.
  • Fixed a bug where Yagron’s ability was not properly exhausting him.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Burden of Command to not have an effect on the game.
  • Fixed a bug which caused endless turns with several Overcharge cards: Intimidating Rally, Voracious Goliath, Overcharged Bolt, and Tracks the Cowardly. These cards have all been re-enabled for play now.
  • Fixed a bug with Equilibrium hitting only the battlefield, when it should hit all deployed zones.
  • Azael’s text has been updated for clarity.
  • Fixed a mixup with Oppress and Equilibrium’s art.
  • Agent Coyle, Superior Symbiote’s animated art has been restored.
  • Fixed an exploit with some Overcharge cards (particularly Logrithmatron) that allowed the ability to be activated multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where the new Oppression deck effect would always appear on the local player’s deck, regardless of who actually owned the effect.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the new Avatars to incorrectly go to the Support Zone when killed instead of going to the Command Zone.
  • Fixed a bug where some overcharge cards (On Played Abilities) must be undone twice.

June 11th 2015, Version 1.4.3Edit

  • Infected Purifier should now be properly infected, rather than overly infected. Infected Purifier is also re-enabled for ranked.
  • Noble Protector is now 4/4, and slightly less noble.
  • Cresill, the Mad is now Exile 5, up from Exile 4.
  • Overcharged Storm now has the same zone locking functionality as Winds of War and Mass Death.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Ruins of Veroria to immediately destroy itself.
  • Updated Cassial’s text to clarify that she does not work in the Command Zone.
  • The store now has a new tab: Promotional Codes. Previously, promotional codes given away at events like PAX had to be used by going to a specific url. Now they can be easily entered in the client itself.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause some buttons in the main menu to be unclickable if you had Global chat open.
  • Updated Spirit of the Serpent’s text to be more understandable.
  • Q / Sacullas / Hehkeem / Lucca all now properly say “Deployed Area” instead of “Deployed Zone”.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause players to get matched up against each other multiple times in a row.
  • Fight! can target enemy commanders again (with a warning confirmation).
  • Fixed a bug which caused The Last Sleeper to consistently not buff itself when leaving the graveyard.
  • Aleta, Immortal Sufferer / Awaken / Raise Dead / Undeath Wish / Orion, Master Architect now only shows valid cards when using their abilities.
  • Updated interface for choosing cards when they are in zones outside of play.
  • Resolve of the Dragon has been resolved. It now correctly only protects them from death the first time they die.
  • Nysrugh / Demon of Gluttony / Acolyte of the Altar / Shikana, Who Demands Tribute / Harbinger of Light should no longer be able to target untouchable characters.
  • Granthar the Drowsy Ape, should no longer be able to kill targets in Command.
  • Evolving Parasite has long been the mascot for card bugs in Infinity Wars. NO LONGER WE SAY, WE MAKE OUR STAND HERE AND NOW. No really, we believe we've actually resolved Evolving Parasite. Make sure you're sitting down when you play him next.
  • Evolving Parasite has also undergone a slight functionality change. He will now make himself an *Exact* copy of the target. So all stat debuffs, buffs, immolate, poison, flying, ugly, damage taken, everything.
  • There is a known issue with Paypal/Steam Wallet buttons when purchasing LP. It's purely a graphic issue, they still work just fine.

May 22nd 2015, Version 1.4Edit

In this patch, we’ve taken the time to go back to some old parts of the game and give them some much-needed polish. We’ve completely redone the campaign experience and our invite system, fixed a whole bunch of bugs, made an array of balance changes, and potentially included the kitchen sink for consistencies’ sake.

One of the most important things for a game is making sure that when players come into the game that they understand the rules of the game and how to play it, as well as enjoy the learning experience. We began investigating in-depth the new player experience, and the tendencies of these new players. What we found was that players were coming into the game confused about several core concepts, such as morale and initiative. Additionally, the vast majority of players felt compelled to complete the entire campaign before going into PvP.

This was a problem. For a while now, we’ve felt that the campaign is quite significantly the lowest quality part of the game. Simply put, while the (old) campaign had a lot of content, it wasn’t nearly as much fun as the rest of Infinity Wars. Many new players would simply leave during the campaign, never having tried PvP (which is the real meat of this game), and never really seeing what Infinity Wars was all about. We’ve remade the campaign with an emphasis of quality over quantity, with animated cutscenes, fully voice-acted story, much better thought-out missions, and a new world map that allows players to explore the world of Infinity Wars. We encourage long-time players to check it out!

Another very outdated part of Infinity Wars is the old Master and Apprentice system, especially in combination with the Invite System. We’ve scrapped both, instead creating in its place a whole new Invite system that should be much more intuitive to use, as well as much more rewarding.

Let’s jump right into the changes so you can see all of this for yourself.

Client Changes and FixesEdit

  • Created a new Game Log system, this will create a log of all interactions that has taken place during the game. The last 10 logs will be located at /Infinity Wars TCG_Data/Game Log.
  • 16:10 resolutions are now supported.
  • ‘Two Lives’ has been renamed to ‘Multi Lives X’, in order to accommodate a new card in Oppression that has more than just two lives.
  • Fixed some animation issues for Prayer of The Dragon.
  • Fixed Mechanize using Genesis Battle Suit’s animation in some instances.
  • Fixed potential issues with cards being created during a mass removal effect, which would cause endless turn errors.
  • Pilgrimage Monk’s ability now exhausts as part of its ability cost to prevent it from being used multiple times in one turn.
  • Fixed a bug where Word of Command and Called Shot would cause a desync if the players were using different languages.
  • Fixed a bug where Heaven’s Assistance was counting cards as it was played rather than during the resolution stage.
  • Fixed a bug where cards being removed from the game, then coming back to the game, would return to the original owner of the card, rather than the controller.
  • Fixed a bug with localization not updating correctly when more than one copy of the client is installed.

More Client UpdatesEdit

  • Some of the avatars that were previously given as rewards for completing 10 games as a certain faction are now offered to every account as a default, to give new players more options for their avatar when they first create an account.
  • All music volume has been lowered, so that when Sound and Music levels are equal, the music doesn’t overpower the rest of the audio, providing a more pleasant experience.
  • Premade decks for the Flame Dawn, Verore, Warpath, Genesis and DoD were removed from the store, as updated versions of those decks can now be earnt for free from the Campaign.
  • Changed Hellkeeper’s text to reflect that he is male in the art, not female.
  • Added a default ‘loading’ image for inventory items, so that they don’t appear as white boxes.
  • In our continual mission to improve player experience and understanding of Infinity Wars for new players, we’ve made the Normal queue button default to Infinite Mode. All alternate modes are still available by clicking an ‘Alternate Modes’ box.

One thing we’ve found with players (particularly new players) is that the concept of different game formats is confusing, and many find it tedious to queue up for multiple modes. Additionally, we’ve found the vast majority (about 95%) simply queue for Infinite mode each time. By making the default simply Infinite mode, we aim to reduce player confusion, reduce queue times, and free us up to make more alternate game modes in the future. In the past, we’ve shied away from adding alternate game modes, because of the added confusion it brings to players.

Along with this change for new players, we’ve included a button on the homescreen that looks like a half circle underneath of the center button. This interface provides new and transitioning players with some ideas/guides for what they can do with their time in Infinity Wars.

Card Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed a bug where the buff from Mechanism would persist in the graveyard.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Mechanism to buff itself rather than the proper targets.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Oblivion, Titan of the New World, Azael, Hilderic and Omnitron’s cost reduction effect to not stack with other cost reduction effects.
  • Prayer of the Dragon now properly only exhausts a character for the remainder of that turn, rather than the next turn as well (which is not stated on the card).
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Lilariah to give her Flying buff inconsistently.
  • Fixed a bug with Shikana that would cause her to remain exhausted when not selecting something to sacrifice and undoing that action.
  • Fixed the animation for Legionnaire of Dawn which was playing the opening part of the animation twice.
  • Fixed an interaction between Misery Stone and Veroria, The Lone Keep causing endless turn bugs.
  • Fixed a bug with Xac where the opponent had no characters to sacrifice and were getting stuck on the sacrifice a character choice.
  • Fixed a bug where Agent Coyle, Zomborg’s self buffs would persist in Graveyard.
  • Fixed an issue that had the potential to cause a endless turn bugs on turn 1, if there was a lot of packet loss during deck syncing.
  • Fixed an issue with Herald of Dawn causing potential de-syncs.
  • Fixed an issue with how Spontaneous Combustion was assigning its damage, causing unintended interactions with cards like Great Wall of Jinhai.
  • Fixed an issue with Recurring Nightmare, allowing you to play it from the opponent's graveyard if they had previously taken control of it.

Balance ChangesEdit

Teremus and Poga will be doing a special collaborative stream this week on 5/23 to go over the balance changes, and talk with the community at large regarding the mentality and reasoning behind what’s happening.

So make sure to join us live on Twitch!

Flame Dawn

  • Noble Protector

“What’s so noble about also making yourself near-invincible? Not much as far as we are concerned, so now our Noble Protector will have to bear the full brunt of the of the wraths and blasts that we use him to deflect.”
“Characters in the same zone as Noble Protector cannot…” =>
“Other characters in the same zone as Noble Protector cannot…”

  • Aberion

“A relic from a bygone era, we have adjusted Aberion’s cost to make him a little more appealing to those wanting to champion the Flame Dawn old school.”
Cost 8 => 7

Genesis Industries

  • War Machine

“For too long this card has been shredding through rift runs with scary amounts of efficiency, the War Machine stops here, or at least slows down a bit.”
“Exhaust any number of Characters you control…” => “Exhaust any number of deployed Characters you control…”

Cult of Verore

  • Rubble Golem

“As we awaken drunkenly from our four month bender since Order, we can only stand back in confused awe that this monstrosity we created has not decimated the constructed ladder.
“When your fortress takes damage, Rubble Golem gains…” => “When your fortress takes damage while Rubble Golem is deployed, Rubble Golem gains…”

Descendants of the Dragon

  • Agent Coyle, Immovable

“We will discuss this card -along with other DoD cards- in an upcoming retrospective on the larger direction change for the Descendants. The short of it is that in order to raise the power of the faction as a whole, we had to knock down its more crazy outliers. Enter stage left: Agent Coyle, Immovable.”
“Agent Coyle cannot take more than 3 damage…” => “Agent Coyle cannot take more than 5 damage…”
Stat changes: Health: 10 => 12.

  • Kung-Ji, the Glorious Strategist

We wanted to give DoD more persistent, over-time morale threats to get them back to their roots as a defensive, slow grind morale drain faction. We saw an opportunity in Kung-Ji to do just that, so here we are.
New Text: “Whenever a Character you control blocks, that Character moves to the back of the Defense Zone. At the end of each turn, Kung-Ji lowers your opponent's morale by 1 for each deployed Character you control that took damage this turn."
Cost: 4 => 5, Power: 8 => 10, Health: 12 => 14

  • Glorious Warrior

“...the opponent loses 4 morale…” => “...the opponent loses 5 morale…”

  • Surprise Defense

“One of the other high power outliers that we had to bring back down to earth in order to increase the overall power of the faction.”
“Put all Character cards in your hand into your Defense Zone. At the end of the turn, they return back to your hand if they are still in play." => “Move target Character Card in your hand to the front of the Defense Zone. At the end of the turn, that card is Shuffled into your Deck.”

  • Inspiring Soldier

“Temporary health bonuses are more often than not frustrating and unintuitive, allowing characters to survive on 0 HP for the duration of a turn, and other strange interactions. We saw this as an opportunity to compliment their morale drain theme.”
“Any Character next to Inspiring Soldier has +0/+4.” => “At the end of each turn, if [this] is on the Battlefield, the opponent loses 3 morale.”
Power: 2 => 7, Health: 6 => 8

  • Xi, Ascended

“Flying Angel Spirits: yes. Ability to 2 shot your opponent out of no where: no.”
“Sacrifice 1 maximum resource: Xi creates a 6/6 Angel Spirit in your Support Zone.” => “Sacrifice 1 maximum resource: Xi creates a 6/6 Angel Spirit in your Support Zone. This ability can only be used 2 times per turn.”

  • Prayer of the Dragon (cost change)

“A quality of life change to bring Prayer of the Dragon back down in lines with similar cards.
Cost Change 4 => 2

  • The Avatars (Lingbao, Daode, and soon to come Yuanshi)

“We firmly believe that every faction -including DoD- should be able to, if they so choose, win simply by attacking with large things into the opponent's face. It’s fun, simple, and cathartic. We felt The Descendants of the Dragon didn't have enough viable “Face Punchers”, so the Avatars have stepped up to the plate as three of the most aggressively themed DoD cards in the faction. If you are sick of sitting behind walls and shrines and wanna kick some old fashion ass, the Avatars are here for you. And yes, Yuanshi will be joining the gang soon.”

  • Avatar of Lingbao

New Text: “When Avatar of lingbao deals damage to a fortress, that fortress' owner loses that much morale instead of taking damage. If Avatar of lingbao would die it instead exhausts and returns to its original health and power.”
Unstoppable, Cost: 30 => 7, Power: 0 => 15, Health: 40 => 15

  • Avatar of Daode

New Text: When Avatar of Daode takes damage it gains that much power. If Avatar of Daode would die it instead exhausts and returns to its original health and power.
Unblockable, Cost: 14 => 7, Power: 0 => 1

The Exiles

  • Wholesale slaughter

“The exile mechanic was created to give various Exile cards a coherent mechanical theme. Wholesale slaughter on the other other hand, already had a recognizable "exile-ly" aspects, so we are removing the keyword 'exile' from it.. wholesale.”
Removed Exile keyword.


  • Wealthy Noble

“You didn't think he got so wealthy by costing 1 all the time did you? His relevance at all levels of play (and more importantly, all factions) has reached worrying levels. We are knocking him down a bit and will be seeing how the meta adjusts.”
Cost 1 => 2

Token GeneratorsEdit

“With the ability for decks to have upwards of 5+ token generating cards in one deck, we have seen battlefield flooded with hordes and hordes of these Characters. This is bad for a whole bunch of reasons, but two of the most impactful are:

  • An incomprehensibly complex board state, in which the opponent facing down the barrel of 20+ tokens has no idea how to plan their defense.
  • More technically, the difficulty it can create in targeting characters, as you carefully try to find the exact pixel that will select your desired in a support zone so packed it would put a U2 concert to shame. This increase in purity allows us to limit the sheer number of token generators a single deck can access without impacting the individual strength of each card.”

Overwhelming Dead (Purity) Purity 1 => 2
Scouting Mission (Purity) Purity 1 => 2
Jinhai Ambush (Purity) Purity 1 => 2
Eucalyptus tree (purity) Purity 1 => 2

April 3rd 2015, Version 1.3.14Edit

  • Fixed an issue with Tome of the Dead giving Splitter Robot Artificial Constructs to the player that played Tome.
  • Fixed a bug with Jialan, Guardian of Life where if player was on exactly 1 health and they took 1 damage they would still die.
  • Fixed a bug with Bury which would allow players to use the card multiple times in one turn.
  • Fixed a bug with Boyo, Who Everybody Likes where his effect was working while in the graveyard.
  • Lots of Russian localization fixes.

March 11th 2015, Version 1.3.12Edit

With today’s patch, we are pleased to announce that we are able to fully support extra languages, and you’ll notice that if you want to, you can now play Infinity Wars in Russian. This has been a major milestone for us, Infinity Wars is actually quite popular in Russia, and we’ve been working with a Russian publisher to offer the game over there in their native language.

Now that we have this infrastructure in place, we can start to offer Infinity Wars in several more languages. You may notice something strange in the version number of this patch, it’s jumped straight past 1.3.0 and over to 1.3.12! The ‘lost version numbers’ are attributed to the testing and releases in Russia.

Other than Russian localization, our focus has been on fixing up various inconsistencies and bugs, especially with cards. Thank you for your reports, they help immensely!

In other news, the ‘special’ alternate art drawn by Ian Underwood as part of the stretch goals for Order is now complete, and will be handed out shortly after this patch. Enjoy!

Card ChangesEdit

  • Humble can no longer target non-character cards.
  • The text on Scramble has been changed to reflect its intended (and currently live) legality of deployed targets, not all characters in play.
  • Splat can no longer incorrectly target the command zone with the damage portion of the ability.
  • Summoner of the Deep can no longer incorrectly target a character that is already targeted by another sacrifice effect.
  • Demonize no longer incorrectly retains any of the character previous buffs or keywords.
  • Verore Channeler now properly activates when deployed, not at normal ability resolution.
  • Overcharged Bot now properly activates when deployed, not at normal ability resolution.
  • Best Fiends now properly activates when deployed, not at normal ability resolution.
  • Updated Wealthy Noble’s text to show that he grants his effect when deployed.
  • Tormented Thrall no longer trigger from sacrifice effects, as intended.
  • Uncontrolled Rift should no longer have the possibility of giving cards which are still under development.
  • Fixed a bug when Splitter Bot died while under the control of a player other than its original owner (such as from Zuza), its tokens would behave unexpectedly.
  • Shikana’s flavor text no longer confuses the issue: she is officially female.
  • If Shikana is not in play at end of the turn (either from dying or a card like Controlled Temporal Anomaly), her ability to destroy everything in play will now be cancelled properly.
  • Fixed an issue where if Shikana was exhausted from another effect and you undid the choice to sacrifice a character, she would become unexhausted.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed Irial to be activated even if her controlled had 0 resources available.
  • Fixed a bug where Rita, Mistress of Shadow wouldn’t allow herself to be activated unless you had 2 or more resources, although the ability only cost 1 resource.
  • EMP Grenade should now properly says it targets the battlefield, rather than any deployed character, on all clients.
  • Undeath Wish’s ability to kill a character and place it in your graveyard will now only place the character in your graveyard if the character actually dies. Additionally, the character will now properly go to your graveyard immediately, rather than at the end of turn.
  • Ireul, Vanguard of Ruin’s ability now only activates on his first attack each turn, preventing a potentially endless loop with Ju-Lin.
  • Updated Altar of Binding’s text to clarify that that Altar is destroyed if the targeted character leaves play (previously stated the battlefield), and being ‘bound’ only affects the character from being moved by the controlled (which does not include various effects which may move a character, such as Stumble)
  • Updated Infected Monk’s ability to more accurately reflect its effect. Additionally, Infected Monk’s ability will now no longer trigger if sacrificed (the wording changing to ‘if it is killed’ rather than ‘if it dies’), preventing several bugs and keeping consistent with other similar effects.
  • Blood Crazed Initiate now properly uses the transform mechanics, and will now behave consistently with other transform effects, no longer retaining sub-types and other random elements of its old card.
  • Defensive Perimeter should now have the correct text on all game clients.
  • Infected Purifier now properly uses the transform mechanics, and will behave consistently with other transform effects. Previously it would count as a new character, incorrectly triggering effects such as Zombie Scavenger twice.
  • Oblivion’s text now properly matches the effect, and doesn’t state that the character is spawned in the Assault Zone.
  • Agent Coyle, Zomborg now properly states his effect will only work if he is Deployed.
  • Defensive Perimeter now has a resource cost of 2
  • Cassial, the Selfless now has a resource cost of 3, and now has a Power/Health line of 4/10

General Changes (Client and Server)Edit

  • Updated matchmaking algorithms to be generally improved, particularly so that players don’t get matched against the same player in draft multiple times.
  • Fixed some text issues with the Master and Apprentice screen.
  • Fixed a layering issue with the Normal queue options menu and other menus
  • Fixed a longstanding layering issue where card frames would render on top of all other elements of the UI in-game.
  • Fixed an error where pressing ‘Enter’ when adding a friend would often fail. Also fixed an error which would allow you to enter an empty friend name.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing cards to get stuck on the screen if you cancelled replacing a champion with another champion from the command zone.
  • Reworked some funky interactions with Tome of the Dead so that it should be behaving more consistently. In particular, a desync error which was caused when two Tomes went off in the same turn is fixed.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when two Phalanx Commanders were in the same zone.
  • Fixed various text layering issues.
  • Fixed a bug where actions that required input at the start of a turn would cause Exile characters not to play (such as targeting a card like Descension when played from Exile, or choosing a character to sacrifice to Shikana)
  • If an Ascended character leaves play, that character will now properly reset to their original state, and lose any buffs from being Ascended.
  • Fixed a layering conflict with text and Aleta, Immortal Tinkerer and Pack Leader.
  • Fixed a bug where several ‘on-death’ triggers and replacements were circumvented if the morale cost of the card was modified (such as by Protector of the Dead)
  • Docile Panda’s art should now be working properly on all clients.
  • Fixed an exploit in Ranked that would allow players to exit out of a match without losing any ranked rating.
  • While browsing searching your deck for a specific subset of cards, the first card in the list should now reliably display.

Noteworthy Change:Edit

If an ability card resolves while it is removed from play, it will now go back to being removed from play, rather than going to the graveyard.

  • Example: Previously, if you cast a Mass Death, but an enemy cast Purify on a Mass Death in your graveyard (removing all your copies from the game), the Mass Death you just cast would be removed from the game. However, when your Mass Death then resolved it would go into your graveyard!

This begs the discussion however, why not make it so in that case the Mass Death does not resolve at all? After all, the Mass Death was preempted by the Purify. The rules branch into two options for us to choose as designers:

  • Rule Option 1: An ability card must still be in your hand when it resolves.
  • Rule Option 2: Once you play an ability card, it will resolve regardless of where it has been moved to.

In the case of the Mass Death example, we would be fine with Purify being used as a counter like that (that sounds cool!), and go with option 1. Unfortunately, that decision would end up being very disruptive to the game. For instance, an opposing Demonic Presence would completely counter any ability cards you played that turn, if your opponent had initiative. (We’re not so cool with that.)

Instead, we decided to go with the less disruptive option: if you play a card, it will be played even if another effect takes it out of your hand first. However, we all agreed that if a card is removed from the game, it should go back to being removed from the game after resolution, and not into your graveyard, so we made that change.

Let it be known that we have heard plenty of community feedback on this topic, and we are indeed listening. Thank you for all of your input and insight on the matter.

December 18th 2014, Version 1.2.1Edit

  • Surprise Defense is no longer unique. Be prepared to surprise your opponents again and again and again!
  • Fixed an issue where if two Splitter Bots died simultaneously it would cause a client desync.
  • Thunder Apprentice has been moved to Uncommon (previous Common), for drafting balancing.
  • Fixed an issue with Shikana, Who Demands Tribute where she would not exhaust when she didn't sacrifice a character.
  • Fixed an issue that wasn't telling out of date clients they were out of date, and letting them log in.
  • Fixed an issue where the combat damage Phalanx Commander was redistributing was not considered combat damage, which created an unintended interaction with Noble Protector.
  • Fixed an issue where Terror Moose, Rite of Rage, Noble Protector and many others were preventing damage that was flagged as unpreventable.
  • Fixed a bug where Azael was giving cards that were not in play Untouchable and Flying.
  • Fixed an error where the Login screen would display “Localization Not Loaded” when it could not connect to the server.
  • Fixed an issue where Rita, Shadow Priestess’s text incorrectly said she gained +2/+2 when she sacrificed a character (she actually heals 5 damage and the card is unchanged).
  • Fixed an issue where text was going outside of bounds of the draft leaderboard.
  • Fixed an issue which was allowing non-Ranked legal cards in sideboards in Ranked games.
  • Fixed an issue with text not showing correctly when drafting.

December 16th 2014, Version 1.2 Hotfix Part 3Edit

Here are the notes about today's hotfix. There's an important piece surrounding balance changes that Poga has written at the bottom, please take a look.

Card and Balance ChangesEdit

  • Cassial has been changed to a 4 / 10 to better allow her to take a hit for the team.
  • Defensive Perimeter’s effect has been changed to “Pay 2, Exhaust: Deal 2 damage to all Characters in the opponent's Assault Zone.” (Previously targeted a single character.)
  • Duelist’s power has been reduced down to 5, from 6.
  • Grounded Angel has been brought down to a 7 / 6 for 2 cost.
  • Heralding all those Champions has really helped Champions Herald buff up and now has 5 Health.
  • Noble Protector has been changed to now protects all characters in the same zone as him (previously protected all characters on the battlefield if also on the battlefield).
  • Orion’s Grave has had its base cost increased by 1, but the amount of resources it takes away when played reduced by 1.
  • Rite of Rage can no longer target Artificial Characters (Sorry Martyr Golem).
  • Shikana, Who Demands Tribute’s effect now resolves at the end of the turn, rather than at the start.
  • Thunder Apprentice will now only trigger when it hits the enemy fortress.

General and Card FixesEdit

  • Addressed a memory leak issue when opening lots of packs.
  • Chat will now properly scroll to the bottom of the window when opened.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause the game to no longer accept input if an ability targeted a Recurring Nightmare that was in the graveyard.
  • Fixed Omnimind so that it properly removed the resources from the player when activated.
  • Ju-Lin, Who Rewrites History will now properly display his Chapters.
  • Platinum foils should now properly have an effect when received in the pack opening.
  • The Options screen no longer incorrectly states the game is in Beta.
  • The text in the Trade screen should now render properly
  • Spirit of the Serpent’s artist credit is now properly attributed to Pat Boiteux.
  • Warped Swarmer no longer triggers off of sacrifice effects.

Balance Update Pre-Ranked.Edit

As we move closer to letting the Order set loose on the ranked ladders, we are taking to time to observe how players are reacting to their new toys. The following post will outline why we made some of the balance changes in the latest pre-ranked patch, for the full list of patch notes click here.

  • Orion’s Grave / 3 cost
    When you play Orion's Grave, your maximum resources are reduced by 1. Your Genesis Industries Cards cost 1 less to play, to a minimum of 1.

We always intended this card to trade tempo for strength later in the game, but the reduction of 2 maximum resources has shown itself to be too drastic. As such we have reduced the maximum resource reduction down to 1, but increased the base cost of the Artifact by 1 to compensate.

  • Thunder Apprentice
    When Thunder Apprentice deals damage to a fortress, a Lightning Blast card is created in your Hand.

The ability to brute force your Thunder Apprentices into other defenders to gain Lightning Blasts proved too powerful and consistent. To counter this we have restricted the trigger to only direct attacks against a fortress. You'll now have to use your removal (or the threat of) to clear the way before getting your free cards.

  • Rite of Rage
    Prevent any non-combat damage target non-Artificial Character would take this turn. That target gains power and health equal to any damage prevented.

While we have seen multiple combos with this card and we love that, but the ability to play a Martyr Golem and then Rite of Rage on top of it out of nowhere proved too crazy. Find a way of removing Artificial from Martyr Golem and he is all yours but until then we will all have to go without 100/100 damage sponges.

  • Noble Protector
    Characters in the same zone as Noble Protector cannot take non-combat damage from effects your opponent's control.

One thing we have been working towards are reasons to have multiples of the same utility card on the field at once. We felt Noble Protector fit into this category perfectly so now he can be used to protect whatever zone he is in. Multiple Protectors, multiple protected zones, even a bullet proof(ish) Command Zone is yours if you so desire.

  • Shikana, Who Demands Tribute
    At the start of the turn, sacrifice a Character other than Shikana. If you do not, Shikana becomes exhausted, and at the end of the turn she will kill all Characters on the Battlefield and leave the game.

Oh Shikana, what to do with you? When Shikana was first created back in IW2013 the game was still in early alpha. We were just learning to create these cards and the rules that they should abide by. Due to this Shikana was created with unintended weaknesses that were quickly discovered by the community.
1. You could kill the sacrifice target before the ability resolved, or 2. You could kill Shikana herself. Although both of these counters could only be pulled off if you had initiative.
And for the longest time, these unintended weaknesses were the only things stopping us from taking her down a notch or two. But with the resolution refinement earlier this year, these weaknesses have been rendered almost mute, so we needed to take another look.
Instead of returning both her sacrifice and board wipe mechanic to the ability resolution phase (which would have to be done with some pretty awkward wording and coding, and honestly the heavy reliance on initiative allowed players to nullify the weaknesses anyway) we chose to keep the sacrifice more or less uncounterable, at the start of the turn, while moving the board wipe aspect to the end phase, giving the opponent, regardless of initiative, the entire turn to deal with her.
We feel that this change brings Shikana back to a level of power that we are comfortable with for a factionless card while simplifying her resolutions, and making her more understandable to newer players who might not be so versed in the finer aspects of initiative abuse.

  • Defensive Perimeter
    Pay 2, Exhaust: Deal 2 damage to all Characters in the opponent's Assault Zone.

We felt that both Defensive Perimeter and Cottontail were both serving the same purpose. So we brought Defensive Perimeter down in cost and fitting it with some splash damage, to further distance itself from Cottontail.

  • Grounded Angel / 2 Cost / 7 Power / 5 Health

A drop in power and cost allows Grounded Angel to better populate the field before being enhanced by your choice of Champion.

  • Cassial / 4 Power / 10 Health

More defensive stats better allows Cassial to take a hit for the team.

  • Champion’s Herald / 5 Health

As one of the main utility cards of the new Champion mechanic, and in turn the Overseers as a whole, we felt that Champion’s Herald could do with some beefing up, now your opponent will have to invest 2 Lightning Blasts :D

  • Duelist / 5 Power.

This card was bordering on straight up power creep, and we felt knocking her power down by 1 made her more reasonable, without removing her core appeal, of having 2 of the best abilities around.

December 11th 2014, Version 1.2 HotfixEdit

Here are the notes for the hotfix. Currently the hotfix is only for the Steam build, standalones will be updated in a few hours.

  • An issue where other players wouldn’t receive trade request has been fixed. At the moment there is a known issue where trades aren’t being finalized, we are currently resolving it.
  • Cartographer should now be properly appearing in players’ collections.
  • Fixed an issue with a corrupted file not allowing OSX players to run the game.
  • Fixed an issue where Aleta, Immortal Traveller would summon Unlimited characters that weren’t yet released, or even simply existed on the database as possible development cards.
  • Fixed an error where the server was saving all decks so that every card was soulbound. (You will need to remake or edit you current decks that have been deemed illegal by the bug, please simply replace the cards with your unsoulbound cards so the deck is once again legal)
  • Issues relating to purchasing LP through Steam should be resolved.
  • In order to resolve the issue with Aleta, Immortal Traveller, she has been changed to only create Characters that are currently ranked legal.
  • The Exile mechanic now shows and costs the correct amount on each card.

Update #1Edit

  • Fixed an issue with the standalone launcher that was causing error messages in the patch notes.
  • Fixed an error with the bug report form that was preventing bugs being reported.
  • Master and apprentice packs can now be opened.
  • Multiple issues with premium battlefields have been resolved.

December 10th 2014, Version 1.2Edit

Hey guys, here are the patch notes for today’s patch, including a fun new feature and some general fixes before Order’s release. Only a few days left for preOrdering!

General Bug Fixes and Card ChangesEdit

  • Cyber Infested Dragon is now properly Undead as well as a Dragon.
  • Deck selection in the match result screens now show the updated Deck Select screen.
  • Fixed a bug which would sometimes invite players to a game if they had a partial name match.
  • Fixed a bug with Apparition which would copy buffs native to the card, doubling up on them. For example, if Apparition copied a character with Flying built into the card, the Apparition would then have flying twice.
  • Fixed an issue where the 2nd tutorial mission would not save progress.
  • Global Chat now tells you when a friend logs in or out of the game.
  • Hilderic, the Fist of Dawn is now a Human.
  • It is now no longer possible to enter a Rift Run queue before your deck is loaded from the server, causing you to enter the game with no deck (and usually lose).
  • Tibat, the Mad Monk is now a Demon.
  • Removed some Master and Apprentice quests that were not intended to be live yet.
  • Removed the options for Hard and Insane difficulties from the Campaign Screen, as they are not currently available. While this is still an option we would like to support in the future, we are disabling the buttons until they are relevant so they don’t confuse players.
  • The Ascension floating deck effect should no longer display for the local player, regardless of who owns the effect.
  • The text area on cards will now scale to be larger if the total text on the card increases because of buffs and debuffs.
  • Titan of the New World is now a Giant.
  • When combat is resolving and some characters can bypass defenders, combat will resolve more naturally now, showing the actual order of attack. Previously, all cards that hit the fortress would be shown at the end of combat, even if they hit the fortress first (such as a flier being at the front of the Attack Zone)

Big Card Changes:Edit

The Overseers of Solace; Champion Alterations

The following cards from Ascension have been altered to fit the new Champion mechanic:

Harahel, Champion of Virtue
2 Purity Overseers, Cost 4, Morale 8, Unique Character, Angel, 6/6, Champion
Ability: While Harahel is on the Battlefield, other Angels you control have +3/+3.

Irial, Champion of Resolve
2 Purity Overseers, Cost 6, Morale 10, Unique Character, Angel, 10/10, Champion
Ability: Pay 1, Lose 1 Resolve: Irial creates a 2/2 Angel. Irial gains 1 Resolve every time an Angel you control is killed. Activate this ability only while deployed.

Kraos, Champion of Ruin
2 Purity Overseers, Cost 6, Morale 10, Unique Character, Angel, 8/8, Champion, Flying
Ability: When Kraos deals damage to a players fortress, he deals 3 damage to every Character on that player’s Battlefield.

Lilariah, Champion of Grace
2 Purity Overseers, Cost 4, Morale 12, Unique Character, Angel, 7/7, Champion, Flying
Ability: While Lilariah is on the Battlefield, other Angels you control have Flying.

Serennia, Champion of Life (formally Auxiliary Angel in pre-release preview)
2 Purity Overseers, Cost 4, Morale 8, Unique Character, Angel, 6/6, Champion
Ability: While Serennia is on the Battlefield, all Characters you control heal your fortress for 2 damage every time they deal combat damage.

Sol, Champion of Vengeance
2 Purity Overseers, Cost 5, Morale 10, Unique Character, Angel, 6/8, Champion, Flying, Muli Strike 2, Two Lives (Ascend mechanics removed)

Non-Champion Card Alterations

Cassial, The Selfless (formally Cassial, Champion of the Cause)
1 Purity Overseers, Cost 5, Morale 10, Unique Character, Angel, 7/7
Ability: If another Character you control would take damage while Cassial is not Ascended, that damage is redirected to Cassial and she Ascends, gaining flying.

Leader of the Charge (pre-release preview card)
1 Purity Overseers, Cost 4, Morale 6, Character, Angel, 8/8
Ability: If Leader of the Charge deals damage to an opponent’s fortress she Ascends, gaining Flying. If Leader of the Charge attacks while Ascended, all attacking Characters you control gain +1/+1.

Heaven’s Assistance
2 Purity Overseers, Cost 5, Ability - Magic
Create a 2/2 Angel in your Support Zone for every Character your opponent controls.
(tokens no longer have Flying)

Precautionary Measures
2 Purity Overseers, Cost 3, Ability - Magic
Ability: The top 3 Characters in your Graveyard are removed from the game. All Characters you control gain +X/+0 this turn where X is the number of cards removed this way.

The Warpath

Kills by Leaping (formally Leaping Tiger in pre-release preview)
2 Purity Warpath, Cost 6, Morale 9, Character, Beast, 14/10
Ability: When Kills by Leaping attacks, it ignores the first defending Character.

Mountain Giant (pre-release preview)
1 Purity Warpath, Cost 5, Morale 7, Character, Giant, 12/12, Reach

Swift Hunter (formally Wolf in pre-release preview)
1 Purity Warpath, Cost 2, Morale 4, Character, Beast, 4/5, Haste

Genesis Industries

Symbiote Prototype (pre-release preview)
1 Purity Genesis, Cost 4, Morale 6, Character, Artifical, 10/10
Ability: Symbiote Prototype has Untouchable as long as you control an Artifact.

Mechanize (pre-release preview)
1 Purity Genesis, Cost 1, Ability
Ability: Target Character gains +2/+2 and becomes Artificial in addition to its other sub-types.

Cult of Verore

Verore Channeler (pre-release preview)
1 Purity Verore, Cost 3, Morale 5, Character, Human, 5/2
Ability: When you deploy Verore Channeller, choose another target Character. While Verore Channeler is deployed, target Character has +5/+2.

Warped Swarmer
1 Purity Verore, Cost 2, Morale 4, Character, Insectoid, 5/5
Ability: If Warped Swarmer is deployed, when an Insectoid you control dies to a Character, Warped Swarmer deals 1 damage to that Character.

3 Purity Verore, Cost 25, Ability - Magic
Ability: Oblivion’s cost is reduced by 1 for each Ability card in your Graveyard. All cards in play are destroyed. You create a 20/20 Demon with Flying and Two Lives in the Assault Zone. (Opponent hand discard removed, but demon now more resilient)

Flame Dawn

Distraction (pre-release preview)
1 Purity Flame Dawn, Cost 0, Morale 1, Character, Artifical, 0/1
Ability: When Distraction Drone is killed by a Character in combat, that Character is moved to the Support Zone.

Power of the Underdog (pre-release preview)
1 Purity Flame Dawn, Cost 1, Ability
Ability: Target Character gains +1/+0 until the end of the turn for each Character your opponent has in their Defense Zone.

Descendants of the Dragon

Adorable Monkey (pre-release preview)
2 Purity Descendants, Cost 2, Morale 2, Character, Beast, 2/2
Ability: When Adorable Monkey dies, your opponent loses 5 morale.

Chef (pre-release preview)
1 Purity Descendants, Cost 2, Morale 6, Character, Human, 4/4
Ability: If Chef is deployed at the end of the turn, each other Character you control gains +0/+1.

The Exiles

Demon of Solitude (pre-release preview)
1 Purity Exiles, Cost 3, Morale 6, Character, Demon, 13/13
Ability: Demon of Solitude gets -1/-1 for each card in your Hand. (Demon of Solitude is a base 13/13)

Splat (pre-release preview)
1 Purity Exiles, Cost 2, Ability
Ability: As an additional cost to cast Splat, Sacrifice a Character you control. Deal damage to target deployed Character equal to double the power of sacrificed Character’s power.


Collector (pre-release preview)
Factionless, Cost 3, Morale 4,
Character, Human, 4/4
Ability: Collector has +4/+4 for each Artifact you control.

Font ReworkEdit

In this patch, astute players will notice that the text in the game is rendered differently. We’ve changed the method we use to render fonts so that they’re clearer on multiple resolutions, with better aliasing. Furthermore, this new method of rendering fonts allows us to display non-English characters, as we are moving towards supporting multiple languages. Unfortunately the new font system does not support many of the effects we previously had on them, such as a metallic look we occasionally used, but the overall gain is very positive.

Due to this change, much of the base of the chat system had to be recoded as well, so it now works much smoother as well as displaying many emotes not previously possible.


We have now added the ability to buy items for your friends! You’ll see this option when buying items in the Store now. Remember, preOrders for Order are still available for a short time (as of this patch’s launch), so if you want to buy some preOrder packs for your friends and get them some limited edition platinum bordered cards, act quickly!

New Inventory ScreenEdit

Just in time for Order’s release, Infinity Wars has a new Inventory and Pack Opening screen. We knew there were some issues during previous set releases, with players opening mass amounts of cards causing memory leak issues, so we remade the experience from scratch. It now runs much smoother, opening multiple packs is much less of a hassle, and is generally just more fun to open packs now! We hope you enjoy this update.

Pre-Season Leaderboard GiftsEdit

(Please note, these will only be available this one time only.)

  • 51st-100th Place: 1 Normal Mass Death Alt Art
  • 26th-50th Place: 3 Normal Mass Death Alt Arts
  • 11th-25th Place: 3 Foil Mass Death Alt Arts
  • 6th-10th Place: 3 Gold Mass Death Alt Arts
  • 2nd-5th Place: 5 Gold Mass Death Alt Arts
  • 1st Place: 5 Gold-Foil Mass Death Alt Art (The only way to get Gold-Foil)

November 12th 2014, Version 1.1 HotfixEdit

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to use 3rd party programs to allow them to play with decks which should have been illegal.
  • Fixed an exploit where a player would be stuck on the sideboarding screen infinitely if their opponent left the game through certain means.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause players to get a draw for a campaign game instead of a win or loss as proper.
  • Fixed a bug where the server wouldn’t log when a tutorial wasn’t being completed, getting some people that look at graphs very worried that we had the world’s hardest tutorial.

October 30th 2014, Version 1.1Edit

Hey everyone, here are the patch notes for today’s patch, version 1.1. We’ve added some big features so make sure to read on below.

General Bug FixesEdit

  • Purify now correctly removes alternate art cards.
  • Ranked statistics will now consistently update on the Play screen after a match.
  • Reduced some significant memory overhead related to Avatars.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Practice Rift Runs to not work in many situations.

Card ChangesEdit

Demonic Presence is now 2 purity Exiles

There are other changes being tested, we will continue to test them until we feel they are in the best shape for Infinity Wars.

Demonic Presence is being changed for a couple reasons, but we'll discuss the primary reason here. Mass Death is 2 purity because it's supposed to be a scary spell meant for Verore. We want people to be afraid of Mass Death after Turn 6 when they see 2 purity Verore, that mental aspect should be tied to the purity as well as the faction.

For the purpose of bringing Demonic Presence in line with our desired vision for Purity and what it means, we wanted to tie Demonic Presence to the fear of 2 Purity Exiles, understanding that there's a mechanic you should be afraid of at that level.

Free Deck RotationEdit

At Lightmare, one of our goals has always been to offer every player a fun, competitive play experience, even if they’ve chosen not to spend money on buying boosters. Additionally, we’ve realized that the deckbuilding aspect of the game, while very engrossing for experienced players, is one of the most daunting parts of the game to new players, and it is our goal to ease players over that roadblock.

Today we are pleased to announce our latest feature that works towards both those goals: Free Deck Rotation.

The interface for choosing your deck is now greatly improved, and in addition to your normal decks that you have created, you will now see a list of 5 free decks to choose from. Every week new decks will be available, chosen from a large pool of decks carefully made by our development team, in conjunction with the advice of some of the top players of Infinity Wars. Note that these decks are provided as-is, and are not editable.

We sincerely hope that this new feature will be the start of an era where players can feel comfortable going into competitive environments even before they’ve built up a massive collection. We truly believe that the release of Free Deck Rotation is a major milestone for the dTCG market, and are very excited for its release.

Sideboards and Best of 3 MatchesEdit

Sideboards and Best of 3 matches are now live! A long awaited feature, players can now have have matches that last beyond one game, and sideboard between games. All Ranked games now are Best of 3 matches, and players have the option of inviting players to Best of 3 if they wish.

Each deck can now have a ‘sideboard’: cards that are a ‘backup bench’ of sorts. When making your deck, you can choose to include up to twelve cards in your sideboard. In a match that goes beyond a single game, you have the opportunity to take cards from your sideboard and put them into your main deck, and also remove any cards you feel you’d rather not have in your deck in the next round. The only restriction is that your deck must still meet the minimum of 40 cards.

Sideboarding is a common practice in TCG’s, and an important tool of metagame balance. Is there a deck out there that’s dominating? Put some cards in your sideboard that’ll counter it! Is there an Artifact that your opponents may have that completely counters your deck? Rest a bit easier, knowing that if they have it, in round 2 you can bring in some Artifact destruction.

Knowing internally that such a major tool of metagame balance was upcoming, we have been holding off on nerfing certain cards and strategies that are currently seen as dominating. Once the metagame has settled with the inclusion of sideboards in Ranked Play, if certain strategies and decks are still dominating where we feel they are harmful to the game, we will be looking at balance changes at that point.

Please Note: The Ranked Leaderboard will not be reset with the release of Best of 3 and Sideboards, as we want to give the community some time to adjust to this metagame shift. Upon the next set (Order) being released, we will reset the Ranked Leaderboard to start the first official season of Ranked: Order Season. We will be following this model for each set's release.

Real-time Card DisablingEdit

Previously, if an exploit was found with a card, players would have to suffer until we at Lightmare were able to organize a new patch which fixed the issue (which could have a very long turnaround time). We have implemented a system so that we can now disable cards immediately, either for Ranked only or for all play, so that the problem doesn’t get out of hand while we work on a solution. This should result in a better play experience for everybody.

Reconnecting DisabledEdit

The ability to reconnect to a game in progress, after returning to the main menu (either by leaving the game or restarting the client), has been temporarily disabled.

As the feature stood, it was allowing players to create exploits, and cheat to victory, which was unacceptable. Furthermore, due to the nature of the underlying system, it was impossible to guarantee that this feature would work correctly the majority of the time. De-syncs (where each client would display a different game state) were common after a reconnect. Instead, in this patch we have increased the robustness of the in-game reconnection service, which has always been a much more reliable way of reconnecting to a game.

Outside of situations where your client closes out of your control (such as your computer crashing, or your little sister unplugging your computer), this will result in more reliable reconnecting. We are working on a long-term solution for complete reconnection in all situations.

For Clarification: It's very important to note that Re-connecting will still work as originally intended while you are still in the client. If you disconnect from a match for whatever reason while remaining in the client, you will still be able to reconnect.

Card HoverEdit

Hovering your mouse over a card in game for over a second will show you an animated, zoomed in preview of that card.

September 18th 2014, Version 1.0.1Edit

  • Hungry Abomination can no longer trigger off the same card being discarded multiple times in the Planning Phase. Additionally, Hungry Abomination will only trigger off of cards that are actually in the graveyard.
  • Lanstead can no longer target untouchable Characters.
  • Raising a Tusked Behemoth, Exhumed from the graveyard no longer causes desyncs.
  • Raising a card through Infect while having a Decrepit Crystal on the field no longer causes an endless turn.
  • Tibat, the Mad Monk's power is now 3.
  • Tibat, the Mad Monk now deals 12 damage, split between up to 4 targets.
  • Tibat, the Mad Monk now deals a flat amount of damage, not 4 times his current power.
  • Tome of the Dead correctly sends all cards to the controller of the Tome’s graveyard.
  • Using Fight! on an Evolving Parasite before entering combat no longer causes the cards to disappear.
  • When a character is created through the effect of another card, it will no longer enter the game as 99/99 before refreshing to its appropriate stats.

September 2nd 2014, Version 1.0 - The Gold PatchEdit

Hey guys, welcome to patch 1.0! It’s been a long time coming and it’s a nice place to be. This is our Gold Patch. For more information on what that means, please see the announcement here.

This patch introduces a new Trade UI, lots of card fixes and general fixes too.

Thanks for sticking by us for all this time! Read on for the patch notes.

Card Bug FixesEdit

  • Agent Coyle, Soulseller's ability now correctly grants +1/-1 instead of +1/-0 and a single point of damage.
  • Aleta’s Discovery can now be undone properly.
  • Ao Shun, Dragon of Wisdom now correctly exhausts when killed.
  • Armored Landcrawler now correctly negates multiple Warped Swarmer effects.
  • Cresill the Mad now discards cards as intended.
  • Diseased Zombie’s poison no longer persists through death.
  • Evolving Parasite now correctly works when defending.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Tome of the Dead to send cards to the Graveyard that were not supposed to die (Paladin of the Flame Dawn, Devil of Despair).
  • Humble now correctly removes all buffs on Vasir, the Chained Prince.
  • Humble now works correctly with Lilariah.
  • If a card is removed from the grave before Purify can resolve, it will no longer purify the card regardless.
  • Infect can no longer take control of non-character cards.
  • Low Orbit Ion Cannon no longer leaves a blurry effect on the screen after use.
  • Master of Demons and Cassial, Champion of the Cause now correctly only trigger while they are deployed, and not when moved to the deployed area by other means.
  • Radariah, The Untouchable now correctly works with Aberion’s Banner.
  • Shield Generator no longer persists for 2 turns from a single activation.
  • Taking over a Wealthy Noble with an Evolving Parasite or a character with Infect, correctly gives you the extra resource now.
  • Tibat, the Mad Monk now correctly resolves with the correct timing: when deployed, rather than when ability cards resolve.
  • Using a Temporary Mass Reality Shift with an Inter-Dimensional Phase Bot on the field no longer causes a null reference exception.
  • Using multiple Tusked Behemoth, Exhumeds now correctly resolves.
  • Vengeful Warrior now correctly transforms.
  • Wheezer, Demon of Smog, now gives the “Untouchable to Controller” debuff. Functionally this card is the same.
  • When targeting your opponent’s graveyard with Grave Rob, you now have a cancel button.
  • Xi, Who Honors the Dead now has her previous targets turn red in the grave to more easily identify who you have already selected.

Card Changes:Edit

In an ongoing effort to increase consistency, the following unique characters have been given unique names:

  • Harahel, Angel of Virtue
  • Tibat, The Mad Monk
  • Vah'nash, The Ritual Master

The following cards have had their unique type removed:

  • Tithe Collector
  • Ultra Unit

General Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Buttons on the home screen are no longer clickable through other pop-ups and windows.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not have 2 chats open at once.
  • It's now impossible to inspect a card immediately after you have ended the planning phase. This was the cause of a graphical glitch.
  • New trade screen works on 4:3 resolutions
  • The Corrupted Lab battlefield has been updated so that art elements don’t clip through the opponent’s battlefield.
  • The Imperial Palace battlefield has been updated so that the bell animation plays properly.
  • Removing an Enraged character from play now correctly removes all buffs and can correctly be re-Enraged
  • You can now shuffle your hand into your deck at the start of the turn through the trading post after certain effects like Shikana, Who Demands Tribute.

Miscellaneous Things You Should Know:Edit

  • Academy missions have had their tooltips properly updated with our new visuals.
  • Beta Tag removed.
  • Cleared up the text in game to look clearer.
  • Factions in the deckbuilder are now sorted by the chronological order they joined Infinity Wars, and their Core legality.
  • Fixed a graphical bug that would cause exhausted cards to look as if they were not exhausted if clicked on.
  • In-game pop ups are no longer huge regardless of content in them.
  • Holding down the Alt key now hides the text on animated cards, so you can view the art in all its glory.
  • Match results screen now displays all information on 4:3 resolutions.
  • More of the UI features have been updated with the new visuals.
  • New intro message given after the first tutorial.
  • New title for beta testers has been put in.
  • New trade screen, with request and filter options.
  • Receiving a Daily reward and completing another quest at the same time will no longer overlap with each other.
  • The campaigns that have been redone, have been updating to be more visually consistent with the new UI.
  • The circle around the resource value on a card has been removed.
  • The daily win pop-ups have been visually updated.
  • The Descendants of the Dragon campaign has been updated with the new text box UI.
  • The Golden Ticket system has been implemented for the event following the Gold Launch.
  • The graphical effect for a medium character (between 5 and 9) has been adjusted to fit better.
  • The initiative indicator now changes immediately after drawing your card for the turn.
  • The Master and Apprentice button is now unavailable when accessing the options from the log in screen.
  • The multi-select dialogue use by such cards as Demon of Fear now correctly work with the new UI.
  • The reconnect message given when disconnecting during a bot game has been updated for simplicity and clarity sake.
  • The Trade screen has been revised so that it has built in collection searching, and is much more optimized.
  • You can now 'request' cards from another player's collection when trading. Once requested, the owner can accept or decline the cards to add or remove them from the offer table.
  • The tutorial has been updated with a couple of new cards.
  • The username and password text on the log in screen no longer draws on top of the options menu.
  • When a card like Rally is removed from the game directly from your hand, it no longer rotates 90 degrees before doing so.
  • When you cancel the end of turn discard, or return to the planning phase after ending the planning phase, the cards you discarded will be returned to your hand, preventing various gameplay exploits.

August 22nd 2014 Version 0.98.5cEdit

  • Agent Coyle, Immovable now evolves as intended.
  • Agent Coyle Mechborn now evolves as intended.
  • Inter-dimensional Phase Bot now works as intended.
  • Vasir, the Chained Prince no longer bugs out when attacking into a Ruins of an Ancient Civilization.
  • Dehumanize no longer creates the demons in the graveyard.
  • The revised Genesis Industries campaign has been reverted until a later date.

August 21st 2014, Version 0.98.5bEdit

  • Fixed a bug where commanders sacrificed by Nysurgh the Hungry would return to the support zone instead of command.
  • Zom-B-Gone 4000 has been fixed, and no longer causes a null reference exception.

August 20th 2014, Version 0.98.5Edit

Card Changes:Edit

  • Aleta, the Immortal Traveller now checks against the legality of the game you are playing, before offering you your possible characters. No more Tribbles in ranked.
  • Demonize now correctly transforms cards like Interdimensional Phase Bot and Ju-Lin, Who Rewrites History.
  • Enyah now correctly checks against the premium type when determining the legality of a deck.
  • Evolving Parasite has had its effect slightly change to now proc if it would enter combat, and therefore now triggers when it fights characters like fleeting footman.
  • Evolving Parasite now correctly interacts with the following cards: Fight!, Splitter Robot and Fleeting Footman.
  • Gather Thoughts is now removed from play after activation.

The reason we are changing Gather Thoughts is the fact that it goes against one of our primary design choice, in that it allows for, under the right circumstances, infinite stall. This was the reason we added card draw to Recycle, and why we (instead of adding 3 card draws to Gather Thoughts) are making it a one use only card.

  • Hunted Dragon has had its text changed to more accurately describe what it does: At the end of the first turn Hunted Dragon is in play, your opponent gets a new card called "Hunt for the Dragon" which costs 1 with the ability “Kill target dragon on the Battlefield”. Hunted Dragon in the command zone now only gives one Hunt for the Dragon.
  • Ju-Lin, Who Rewrites History can no longer deal damage, and is correctly removed from the game when removed from the grave.
  • Rita, Shadow Priestess now correctly creates Worshippers at the end of the turn.
  • Splitter Robot has had its effect slightly changed to “When Splitter Robot dies while deployed, it creates two 5/5 Artificial Characters in the Support Zone.”
  • Suffering Verorian now correctly turns into a demon after triggering his ability.
  • Verore Kidnapper no longer bugs out when multiple Verore Kidnappers kidnap each other.

Card Bug FixesEdit

(Admit it, this is probably the part you care most about, but keep reading anyways)

  • Agent Coyle, Hellbringer, now correctly discards a random card, not the rightmost card.
  • Agent Coyle, Hellbringer’s dragon form is now correctly a Demon Dragon, and Soulseller’s dragon is now just a Dragon.
  • Angel of Virtue now correctly buffs itself while ascended.
  • Cresill the Mad now does not trigger off transforming from Demonize.
  • Demon of Smog, now correctly stops Xi, Who Honors the Dead, as she now correctly recognizes untouchable cards in the graveyard.
  • Grave Rob now correctly lets you choose 5 cards to remove from the grave.
  • Humble has undergone a bit or reprogramming, improving its interactions with, but not limited to:
    • Protector of the Dead
    • Bromich, Field Commander
    • Pack Leader
    • Fleeting Footman
    • Agent Coyle, Alpha One
    • Sydern
    • Prophet Karani
    • Best Fiends
    • Ju-Lin Who Rewrites History
  • Hungry Devil’s consume no longer gives +4/+2 instead of the intended +2/+2
  • Low Orbit Ion Cannon has been fixed so that it is no longer is dark grey for half of the animation.
  • Resolve of the Dragon now resolves correctly, one less endless turn bug.
  • Undeath Wish no longer makes you take the morale damage for killing an opponent’s character.
  • Unending Drone no longer returns all Unending Drones in the grave.
  • Xi, Ascended can now use bonus resources from cards like Wealthy Noble, to create spirits.
  • Zombie Abomination now accurately calculates cost off of characters in graveyard.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes characters would have their abilities go off, even if killed with priority.
  • Fixed a bug in Uncontrolled Rift that occasionally resulted in you being given yet to be released cards.
  • Fixed a bug with Controlled Temporal Anomaly that was sometimes not returning the characters to play correctly.
  • A bug has been fixed that would occasionally cause a de-sync when attempting to use a Raise Dead on a card that was Grave Robbed.
  • Killing a Paladin of the Flame Dawn with an Evolving Parasite will no longer cause a de-sync.

General Bug Fixes:Edit

  • Ability cards now look subtly smoother when being played.
  • Academy missions now use the new tooltip visuals, previously only seen in the latest tutorial missions.
  • Buffs and debuffs no longer sometimes carry over when restarting an academy mission.
  • Buttons on the home screen can no longer be clicked while receiving other cards.
  • Cards received on the home screen no longer render behind the test of the homepage.
  • Changed the way cards calculated damage and stat reduction, this should stop some cards surviving when a stat reduction should otherwise kill it
  • Fix a bug that would sometimes make characters act as if they were still in play for the entire turn, even if they had been killed previously that turn.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes not display possible target to abilities that target the deck and graveyard.
  • Going from windowed to windowed fullscreen now reloads the scene, solving multiple small errors.
  • If you finish a game against AI, campaign or otherwise, while disconnected you will be prompted with a pop up, allowing you to reconnect.
  • The deck builder now correctly displays gold and gold foil in the collection viewer
  • The deck legality filter no longer appears under the top most purity symbol in the deck builder.
  • The Fortress image no longer sticks to the far right hand side of the screen during play.
  • The Friends list can now be opened and closed while trading.
  • The Friends button now works while in the match results screen.
  • The health bar now animates properly on the first turn.
  • The help button is now disabled while connecting to a game.
  • The initiative dot is now properly aligned on all resolutions.
  • The number of available cards is now updated when switching decks in the deck builder.
  • The tooltip for the resources in game has been realigned and now works as intended.
  • The visual effect for Ascending has been disabled, as it was causing visual bugs.
  • The zone graphics are now displayed on top of battlefields, to ensure that gameplay elements are never covered by graphics.
  • What used to be the 5th academy mission has now be re-added back to the Training page.
  • When you are invited to a game while on the Rift Run tab, the cards no longer display on top of the invite or deck selection.
  • When adding a card to your deck, the deck builder will automatically add the next valid premium type if the initial premium type has been used up.
  • When resolving actions from the trading post, the fortress image is no longer superimposed on top of the trading post image.
  • When opening a pack of cards, all pop-ups leave the screen when you begin to flip through cards if not closed beforehand.
  • You can now double click the drop down menu displaying the different premium types in the deck builder, to add them to your deck.
  • Fixed a bug that caused only the factionless default battlefield to appear when playing in the campaign.

Miscellaneous Things You Should Know:Edit

  • Added a bar to the deckbuilder to easily sort your collection by faction.
  • In-Game pop-ups have undergone a visual redo to better fit the new visuals of Infinity Wars.
  • In Windows, the taskbar icon will now flash if you get a chat message, or enter a game, while tabbed out.
  • The collection window in the deckbuilder now shows how many cards are being displayed.
  • The default sounds settings are now 50 for music and 50 for sounds.
  • The diminishing return measures from this post: have been changed so now XP and IP are decreased, not just XP.
  • The trait down effects are temporarily disabled
  • The way that the cost is displayed at the top of a card has been modified, to draw more of a visual parallel between your resources and the cost of a card.
  • We’ve removed the Ranked Legal option from Normal queue. The intention of this option was to allow players to queue for Ranked Legal matches, while not having it affect their ranked rating. However, at the moment Ranked Legal decks are identical to Core legal decks, this option seemed superfluous and confused players. Once the two legalities diverge, we will look into putting this option back into Normal queue, with clearer explanation to players as to the purpose of the option.

Core Gameplay Changes (Not for the Faint of Heart!):Edit

In this patch, we’ve taken a lot of time to clean up how abilities resolve.

First up is how Start of Turn abilities now resolve. Previously, many abilities that stated they triggered at the start of the turn actually did not resolve until normally in initiative order. Additionally, some abilities triggered during the Planning Phase, which was causing inconsistencies, as only planning actions should be taking place, and not game state changes. Ultimately this change had to be done to ensure consistency and allow certain types of cards to work correctly. The following cards are affected:

  • Ao Shun, Dragon of Wisdom - The card draw effect now happens at the end of the turn.
  • Avatar of Lingbao - Morale loss now happens at the start of the Resolution Phase (previously occurred at the start of the planning phase, which was incorrect.)
  • Extended Operation - Changed to now happen at the end of the turn. (In practical terms, the card plays exactly the same, as the end of the turn and the start of the planning phase are immediately after one another.)
  • Hidden by Clouds - Ability now happens at the start of the Resolution Phase.
  • Matriarch - Changed to now happen at the end of the turn. (In practical terms, the card plays exactly the same.)
  • Nysrugh - Ability now resolves at the start of the Resolution Phase.
  • Shield Generator - Ability now happens at the start of the Resolution Phase. (This change now allows Shield Generator to work properly regardless of initiative.)
  • Shikana, Who Demands Tribute - Ability now happens at the start of the Resolution Phase. (Like Bomb-Bot, this means Shikana cannot be destroyed prior to its ability resolving.)
  • Tech Knight - Changed to now happen at the end of the turn. (In practical terms, the card plays exactly the same.)
  • Unstable Bomb Bot - Ability now happens at the start of the Resolution Phase. (Previously this ability would occur in normal initiative order. While this unfortunately means Bomb-Bot can’t be killed before it goes off, we feel for the long term health of the game, it’s best for cards to work in a technically correct way.)
  • Vasir, the Demon Prince - Ability now happens at the start of the Resolution Phase.

We’ve cleaned up how preemptive, come-into-play, and start of turn abilities resolve as well. In preliminary patch notes released earlier, we stated that Preemptive abilities would resolve before abilities triggered by zone changes, however in testing we found that this caused several bugs and logical conflicts, and has been reverted before it went live. Ultimately, abilities that trigger by changing zones must happen when the zone change itself happens (which is at the start of the Resolution Phase, or when another effect changes the card). Allowing abilities such as preemptive to happen between the two creates logical inconsistencies. (For instance, if you were to play a Lucca, then use Controlled Temporal Anomaly on her, she wouldn’t ever be considered to come into play until the end of the turn, because when Lucca’s ability tries to resolve, she’s not in play! Madness.)

This changes how some abilities, notably preemptive ones, work. In many cases, this means that preemptive cards now have trumps and counterplay, because they happen after come-into-play effects. Previously, if an opponent attacked with a Hunted Dragon and played Deflect on it, there was no targeted removal in the game which could save you. Now, Verore Kidnapper is a legitimate answer to that strategy. While we understand that some previous counterplay that existed due to certain interactions of cards will no longer exist, new areas of counterplay have opened up instead. This will, in time, increase the flow of game resolution while simultaneously opening up more options for us as designers.

August 8th 2014, Version 0.98dEdit

  • Rift Runs no longer freeze on the loading screen after a game.
  • Rift Run rewards are no longer invisible.
  • Tome of the Dead now puts the cards in your graveyard again.

August 7th 2014, Version 0.98cEdit

Client FixesEdit

  • Rift Run queues are now back up!
  • The Factionless filter on the deckbuilder now works correctly.
  • The help menu buttons now are hidden properly when in queue.
  • Improvements have been made to the memory leak issue.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Academy quest to not be completable.
  • Implemented a fix for the new deckbuilder causing a large memory leak.
  • Fixed an issue where non-collectable cards, such as those created by cards like The Dragon Project or Xi, were showing up in some collections, and allowed in decks.
  • Cards in the graveyard once again show the stats of the card.

Card Fixes/ChangesEdit

Lilariah - When playing Lilariah is undone, all Angels do not retain Flying.

Descension - The demon now has Consume

Demonborn- Text has been reverted to Pay 2 for Flying.

Enyah - Enyah now works correctly with dual purity and hybrid cards.

Infected Monk - Now returns from the Graveyard as intended.

Veroria, The Lone Keep - Now able to use the activateable ability.

August 6th 2014, Version 98Edit

Shiny ThingsEdit

  • New Login Screen. We decided to update the login screen to fit the theme of Infinity Wars more.
  • New Home Screen. Offers a new way to show you special offers, community content, dev blogs and more!
  • New in-game UI. We have updated the in-game UI to make it more visually appealing and intuitive while playing.
  • The deckbuilder has been revamped. This includes:
    • Filters! Wonderful, fabulous filters. Name, purity, cost, artist, faction and more, they’re all there.
    • The ability to choose which faction multi purity commanders represent.
    • New way to view soulbound vs unsoulbound cards
  • New individual card effects, can you find them all?
  • New Warpath campaign is here! Help Aleta save the Untamed World.
  • New Exiles cardback for the fans of chaos out there.

Terminology ChangesEdit

We have changed the terminology we use to refer to certain zones, so that they are more natural to players, and more consistent in their meanings.

Previously, we found that players (and even ourselves) would keep mistaking the term 'battlefield' to mean the two combat zones. Rather than fighting against what everybody found natural, we decided to embrace it. We also found players would be confused about how a card could be 'played', while already 'in play'. The new term, 'deploy', will ease that confusion and ties together all the terminology in the game.

  • The ‘battlefield’ now refers to the Assault and Defense zones, only. We found that consistently, even veteran players would assume the battlefield only referred to those zones.
  • Playing a character, either from the command zone or the hand, is now referred to as ‘deploying’ that card.
  • The Assault, Defense and Support zones are now collectively referred to as the ‘Deployed Area’.
  • The Assault, Defense, Support and Command zones are collectively referred to as ‘in play’.

Playing A CardEdit

The way that abilities resolve has also had a bit of an optimization. As of this patch, when you activate an ability card in hand, it will now grey out in your hand instead of being sent directly to your graveyard. This allows us to keep more of the actual card movements to the resolution phase, which should help keep card complications down in the future.

Standardizing Ability TriggersEdit

Abilities that trigger when a character comes into play now resolve in a more logical manner. Previously, come-into-play abilities that didn’t require a target would resolve when the character came into play, but come-into-play abilities that did require a target would not resolve until activated abilities and ability cards resolved. Several interactions have changed now:

Example: You have initiative. An opponent plays Sacullas from the command zone, and you play a Verore Kidnapper targeting that Sacullas.

  • Previous system: Sacullas’s ability would trigger first, and you would take damage. No combination of cards in the game or initiative could prevent the play.
  • Current system: Since you have initiative, the Kidnapper would remove Sacullas from the game before he is played, and Sacullas would not resolve.

Affected cards:

  • Champion of Ruin
  • Cornicen
  • Angel of Virtue
  • Waste Chucker
  • Hehkeem, the Corrupted
  • Diseased Zombie
  • Intimidating Monk
  • Harbinger of Light
  • Flame Dawn Commando
  • Altar of Binding
  • Hellcaller
  • Demon of Fear
  • Verore Kidnapper
  • Apparition
  • Support Drone
  • Wreckful Walrus
  • Titan of the New World
  • Hulking Sniper
  • Agent Coyle, Primal Hunter
  • Cartographer

Client Bug FixesEdit

  • Chat visual glitches have been resolved.
  • If opponent fails to load in PVP, player will now be able to exit correctly.
  • Removed several causes of endless turn.
  • Draft screen no longer has graphical issues.
  • Improvements made to desyncs caused by reconnecting.
  • Daily Reward wins no longer require relogging to appear.
  • You will now receive an alert if your campaign progress fails to save.
  • When an effect is applied to a very large number of cards in-game, this no longer causes a crash.
  • When adding a friend, the text is no longer obscured.
  • Quitting from the game now tells the opponent you have conceded consistently.
  • Rewards no longer stack on top of each other.
  • Accepting a game invite will not make the screen go grey.
  • Fixed bug where if Opponent discarded more than 3 cards in a turn, would cause a graphical card issue.
  • Fixed bug where popup alerting player that they had been kicked for AFK could not be dismissed.
  • Fixed bug where it was possible to press Undo after ending planning.
  • Fixed bug where if inspecting a card when the game entered the Resoltion Phase, would cause a graphical issue.
  • Changed text ‘Daily Win’ to ‘Daily Reward’.

Card Bug FixesEdit

We have been dedicated heavily on bugs for the past few weeks. Here are the card bugs we’ve resolved, typos, wording, game breaking issues, the whole lot.

  • Agent Coyle, Alpha One - The 4th ability can now be undone.
  • Agent Coyle, Soulseller - Text now says Demon Dragon.
  • Aleta, Immortal Searcher - Card draw now happens in the resolution phase.
  • Aleta, Immortal Survivor - Changed so her ability to resolve normally and can be countered by killing her before her ability resolves.
  • Altar of Binding - Now when the Altar is destroyed, cards are able to be moved.
  • Bloodthirst - Now does not heal for the amount of Bloodthirst on successive turns, even with no damage dealt.
  • Champion of Ruin - Ability on entering the battlefield now resolves correctly and is unable to be re-procced.
  • Cyber Infested Dragon - Now correctly spawns 6 Endless Hordes in the graveyard when Cyber Infested Dragon is killed on the battlefield
  • Decension - The token created is now correctly subtyped as a demon with Consume.
  • Demonize - Interacts correctly with Mega Unit 2 now, removes passives from all cards
  • Drag Down - Can now target anything, even if it doesn’t have flying ‘yet’.
  • Evolve - Now doesn’t pause/freeze the game during resolution phase.
  • Heaven’s Assistance - Changed ‘you’ to ‘your’ in the card text.
  • The Hellmouth - Now correctly states that the card will be exhausted when used.
  • Hidden By Clouds - Now unable to double draw cards with haste, play, undo and draw another card.
  • Hulking Sniper - Can now counter cards like Give Him a Jetpack, Angelify correctly.
  • Infected Purifier - Now interacts correctly with Disarm.
  • Jialan, Guardian of Life - Now resolves correctly against flying.
  • Lingbao’s Will - No longer triggers on ‘losing 0’.
  • Omnitron - Buff now occurs at the end of turn instead of at the start.
  • Poison - Now correctly overrides to poison for the highest number.
  • Primal Rage - Interaction with Unstoppable now works as intended, works correctly with Invincible Defender, does not cause a desync.
  • Pyr, Fortress of the Dawn - Now works correctly when pulled from opponent’s deck with To Boldly Go.
  • Rakarl - Cards with 1 power are now reduced to zero instead of negative.
  • Recycle - Now cannot be recycled indefinitely when there are 0 cards in the deck.
  • Search for the Key - Undoing and recasting now does not give you both cards.
  • Solace’s Gate - Graphical bug is fixed, cards on the battlefield will no longer be hidden.
  • Splatterer - Can now re-use the ability for the turn if it has been undone.
  • Strength in Numbers - Can now target cards in play, not just on the battlefield.
  • Spontaneous Combustion - Doesn’t combust artifacts and locations now, no longer able to overkill a single target, resulting in what looks like less than 12 damage being dealt.
  • Tome of the Dead - Counters always appear on the card now.
  • Tygrugh, The Insane - Cards stolen with Tygrugh do not count the opponent’s field when determining unique character rulings.
  • War Machine - Does not cause an endless turn when used with cards that Exhaust mid turn.

Balance ChangesEdit

For an in-depth explanation of the reasoning behind this patch's balance changes, please read this article by the Lightmare development team.

  • Aleta, Immortal Traveller - Aleta can now call any unlimited characters.
  • Aberion’s Banner - The health granted from Aberion’s Banner is now removed first before the characters base health is affected, similar to the Bloodthirst effect.
  • Dark Wish - The demon created is now a 10/10 flier.
  • Demon of Fear - Changed to a 7/7 for a cost of 6.
  • Fleeting Footman - Changed to an 8/4, now only returns to Support Zone if attacked in Assault Zone.
  • Kyrallic, Origin of the Virus - Changed so that only undead on your side of the field gain Infect.
  • Lanstead - New effect: Pay 5, Exhaust an Artificial Character you control: Target characters power and health become equal to Exhausted Characters power and health.
  • Lucca, Combat Mechanic - Now gives artificial characters +3/+3
  • Prophet Karani - Changed to an 8/8 for a cost of 5.
  • Rabid Rabbit - Now toggles Bloodthirst after Transform is applied.
  • Sacullas, The Final Hammer - Sacullas is now 2 purity.
  • Veroria, The Lone Keep - Old effect has been replaced with: 'Pay 10 Health: Opponents cannot attack you this turn'.
  • Verorian Hydra - Changed to a 10/10
  • Virus of Avarrach - New effect: places every character in your opponent’s deck into your support zone. They become undead in addition of their previous subtypes.
  • Xi, Ascended - Spirits created by Xi, Ascended are not removed from the game when killed now.

October 9th 2013, Version 0.93.0bEdit

We're releasing a patch with a few fixes to various issues with the 0.93 patch.

  • Due to popular demand, Pauper Format now allows uncommon cards. We felt this was a needed change due to the low number of commons in the game, and the relative ease of acquiring uncommons in Infinity Wars. This was actually included in the 0.93 patch was was overlooked in the patch notes.
  • Rewrote Wall of the Dead's code.
  • Fixed a bug that made Wall of the Dead stop both players from taking damage.
  • Fixed a bug with Lanstead that would allow players to use its ability even if that player didn't have enough resources.
  • Fill the Graves properly only puts the top 5 cards now.
  • Fixed an issue with Ranked games giving double or no rating.
  • Updated various card text that wasn't reflecting their current implementation.
  • Inter-Dimensional Phase Bot's replacements will now properly be 10/10
  • Updated Tech Knight's wording to be very clear for newer players.
  • Harbinger of Light, Fight! and Demon of Fear can now all attempt to target characters in the command zone, in anticipation that they will move out in the Resolution Phase.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Hunted Dragon to not give the opponent their card.
  • Added the changes to Agent Coyle, Immovable in the balance notes, as it was overlooked.
  • Updated Extended Operations text to properly show the target gains +4/+4.
  • Players invited to the game as an Apprentice should now give the Inviter IP when LP is bought.

October 8th 2013, Version 0.93.0Edit

We're excited to announce that Infinity Wars is now in Invite Beta! Everybody in the game can now invite their friends into Infinity Wars! Going into this Invite Beta, we've made quite a few changes to the game:

Card BalancingEdit

Our changes to card balance and the reasoning behind each change is so in-depth that we've decided to give it its own page, which you can find at

Soulbound CardsEdit

After much discussion, we have decided that we will be 'soulbinding' some of the cards that we give to players, making them untradable. For a long time, we wanted to preserve the ideal of every card in a trading card game to be tradable, however as we looked at it, we decided it was hurting our players' experience. With this change, we can be much more generous with the cards we give to players, without damaging our economy.

Here's how soulbinding cards work: any card that you receive from a reward, such as a quest or campaign reward, will be soulbound to your account. Any cards that you get through spending currency will not be soulbound, and can be traded freely (whether that currency came from spending real money or playing the game, aka LP or IP). If a card is soulbound, there will be a small lock icon in the bottom left of the card signifying this.

With soulbound cards now here, we are able to give much more generous rewards. For instance, every level up, players will now receive a soulbound super booster pack! Players already in the game will get boosters retroactively (Note that it may take a few days before all these rewards are handed out). Also, rewards for doing campaigns, or just playing the game, will give much more cards so that players will have a nice sized collection.

IP and XP ChangesEdit

We've decided to clean up and simplify how players get Infinity Points. The system is simple now: as you play games, you get IP, no more 'soft-cap' rules. The IP gained is based on the length of the game, but in contrast to our previous implementation, we've increased the IP per minute that players get, but a game can only give a max number of points, which is reached in the length of an average game, so that purposely dragging out your turn is rather pointless. Essentially, most games will give out the same amount of IP, unless your games are unusually short.

AI games give less IP, and none for a loss.

Experience points are now calculated the same way as Infinity Points, to prevent abuse now that there are tangible rewards for levelling up. Campaigns or scenarios will give a one-time amount of XP, completing it a second time will give no XP.

In the future, we have plans for bot-prevention systems, but that will come later, bots aren't much of a problem yet. (If you do find botting players, please report them to however)

Faction LevellingEdit

We've added a new way for players to get cards in Infinity Wars, with a system we're calling Faction Levelling. Now as you play games with your decks, you will accumulate experience with the factions that are in your deck, earning you cards and other rewards for that faction over time. If you like a faction, we want you to be able to get more cards from that faction! Playing that faction's campaign will also give you faction experience, and the campaign will now get you enough cards to form a full deck within just a few games. All cards given will be soulbound.

Invite SystemEdit

You can now invite your friends to Infinity Wars! Click the Recruit a Friend button on the Home Screen for all the details. Inviting friends to Infinity Wars will earn you impressive rewards if they play, each Lightmare Point that they purchase will get you 2 Infinity Points, for free! (Note: we are aware of an issue where players are not getting the bonus IP if they were invited as an apprentice. We should have this resolved shortly.)

The Master and Apprentice system is once again back. When a master and apprentice play against each other, they will each receive equal IP and XP, so as not to encourage the presumably more experienced master to absolutely destroy the apprentice in order to get more rewards, but rather to encourage a learning environment.

New CardsEdit

Now that Rise has been out for a while, weekly quests will start giving cards from the next set: Infestation. We're sure you'll enjoy these new cards!

Daily Wins ReworkedEdit

We've decided to make some changes to Daily Wins so that it's more in line with what we want the system to encourage.

There will now be a Daily Login reward. You get this reward for simply logging into Infinity Wars every day.

After you play your first 3 games of Infinity Wars each day (regardless of if they were against players or AI), you'll receive another reward!

All daily rewards are soulbound.

New Card ArtEdit

We've gone through a lot of the art in the game, especially older cards and staple cards, that we felt had weak art. Over time, our artists have gotten much better, and there's some art that we felt doesn't hold up to our standards any longer. If you liked the old art, don't worry! We have plans to allow players to get older art in the future, and we intend to make it free for anybody that currently has the old versions, but for now, enjoy some of the new amazing art in Infinity Wars.

New DeckbuilderEdit

We've updated the deckbuilder so that it's much more visual, and natural to use. It also has many requested features that the community has asked for in a deckbuilder. While there are still a few more touches that we plan on doing on it, we expect that everybody will find making decks a much better experience than before.

Exciting Times!Edit

As you can see, there are a lot of changes in the game, and we're very excited to now move the game into Invite Beta. Invite your friends to the game! We're finally opening the doors on Infinity Wars, expect to see a lot of players online in the coming months!

-Ian Underwood

September 26th 2013, Version 0.92.7Edit

Change Log:

  • The Login screen has been updated.
  • Tome of the Dead will no longer transfer control of characters it doesn't actually end up killing (such as Ao Shun)
  • Protector of Dawn will properly only give characters untouchable on both clients.
  • If Lanstead, or its target, is destroyed before it's ability goes off, it should no longer spawn characters (needs further testing).
  • Aleta the Traveller can now make Tech Knights and Demonic Disciples.
  • Shrine to the Heavens should now work again.
  • Tome of the Dead will no longer activate unless it is in play.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow foil, platinum and gold bordered Shield Generators to still allow the player to play cards.
  • When a card's values get reset, it will now clear all buffs and debuffs. At the moment, this mostly affects Ju-Lin, who Rewrites History.
  • If Resolute Knight is played from the command zone, his lives should no longer reset.
  • Mulligans are now only allowed if its your first action of the game (no playing a 1 drop then mulliganing the rest of the hand)
  • Characters that die to non-damage effects when they have a second attack (from unstoppable or other effects) should no longer attack from the graveyard.
  • Fixed a bug that caused card text to appear in the center of the screen when selecting a card in trade.

September 18th 2013, Version 0.92.6Edit

Avatars for backers on Kickstarter and Indie-Go-Go have been distributed! If you pledged in either campaign and have not received your avatars, please contact King and Emperor backers, which have had card art made in their likeness, can get that card art used as an avatar exclusive to their account. If you are a King or Emperor level backer that has had art commissioned, please contact with the details of your username so that we can give you the appropriate avatar. If you are a King or Emperor level backer and have not yet created a card with us, please contact us so that we can arrange to do so! Enjoy!

Change Log:

  • Mousing over various parts of a card will now display an explanation of that aspect of the card.
  • Clicking the Friends will no longer show a blank 'All' list, held over from previous functionality.
  • Fixed a bug in the store where the Cancel button would be blank if the player had no LP.
  • Fixed a bug that would darken the screen when opening a pack of cards and wouldn't allow any more actions.
  • Fixed a bug in the deck select dropdown if names were too long.
  • Fixed a bug where beating an AI opponent wouldn't give IP.
  • The match result screen should no longer hang if it loses connection to the server.
  • The Concede button has been replaced with Restart in single player missions.
  • IP should now correctly update again when returning to the main menu.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow players to click on buttons that weren't visible in the login screen.
  • The deckbuilder no longer shows an ineffective 'Add Commander' button if you have full commanders already.
  • Fixed a bug where the store wouldn't show which prestige items had been purchased.

September 6th 2013, Version 0.92.0bEdit

A minor patch to fix some issues that were in the 0.92 patch. We are still looking Mac builds, which have an error with execute permissions being wiped after being downloaded through the launcher.

  • Fixed some issues with the Instant Play button.
  • Increased in-game foil effects as they weren't showing while in-game.
  • Fixed an issue which caused trade requests to sometimes be executed twice.
  • Fixed a bug with matchmaking where where players with higher ratings would not be able to find games.

September 4th 2013, Version 0.92.0Edit

We are excited to announce two new features in Infinity Wars that we have had our eye on for quite some time: matchmaking and ranked play!


Previously in Infinity Wars, when a player queued up in Instant Play, they simply got matched against the first other player that queued up too. However, those two players could have wildly different levels of experience, skills and collections. From now on, however, each time you play a matchmaking game, Infinity Wars will adjust a behind-the-scenes matchmaking value. This value is based on the popular ELO system, and Infinity Wars will also attempt to match new players together as well. For the purposes of this instant-play matchmaking, it's all just math on the server's side to try to match players against people of equal skill levels.

At the launch of this system, every player is considered to have an equal rating, and also considered to be a new player by the system, so players will still get matched against opponents of an inappropriate skill level for a while. In time as people play Infinity Wars, the system will start matching players against more appropriate opponents.

Ranked Play!Edit

Matchmaking is nice and healthy for the game and all, but Ranked play is what we're really excited about. At last, with Ranked play, we are able to start Infinity Wars on the path towards hardcore, competitive play. What is Ranked, and how does it work? I'll explain in full below.

In the Play menu, you can now choose Ranked. Ranked is locked until you are level 7. When you choose Ranked, you can either Search or Host a Ranked game (Search is recommended, you'll find a game faster). Currently, you can choose options other than the standard game modes, but we will most likely be forcing Ranked games to be a standardized game mode/speed/deck format in the future.

Each player starts with a rating of 0, or 'Unranked'. When you win a Ranked game, your rating will increase, and when you lose a game, it will go down. The actual mathematics behind your rating are a bit complex, but here's the general idea:

Each player has a matchmaking rating that is used to match players against each other. At the start, this will be the same for everybody. Your actual rating starts at 0, but constantly moves towards your matchmaking rating as you win games, until your matchmaking rating and actual rating will sync up. This period of 'warm up' until your actual rating is so that each player, even the ones much worse than you, can feel some progression as they play ranked.

Rating is based on the ELO system. For those unfamiliar with ELO, the system rates players based on their performance. Winning a game against a high rated player will raise your rating (and lower theirs by an equal amount, it's a zero-sum equation), while if you lose a game your rating will go down. It's a harsh, competitive system, but if you're ready for the harsh, competitive world of ranked play then dive on in! The average player's rating will stabilize around the 1400 mark, which is about the average (of the people active in Ranked play, anyway), higher than that and you know you're very good at Infinity Wars.

In the future we plan to have a leaderboard within the in-game UI itself, but there is a leaderboard on our website at

As this game is very much still in beta, we are aware that there are bugs and possibly exploits that exist in the game. We thank players who report these bugs to us, and are always working towards fixing them. With this reality in mind, we'll want to make sure that any shenanigans that happen in beta that affect ratings don't carry over into actual release, and encourage players that do find exploits to report them to us so that we can fix them, abusing exploits in Ranked will not be tolerated.

With that in mind, after beta we will be most likely be looking at hosting different ranked 'seasons', tied to the release of each set. If this is the case (and as a company, we are still debating exactly the details of it, so we can't commit to anything being set in stone yet), at the end of each season we would be resetting the rankings and ladder and giving out rewards based on placement. If this is the case, the end of the beta would mark the end of the first season, and a rating reset as well.

Have fun honing your skills in Infinity Wars, and we wish everybody the best of luck in Ranked, if you choose to test your might there!

- Ian Underwood

Change Log:Edit

  • Fixed an error that caused no store images to display correctly.
  • Fixed many memory leak issues related to animated cards.
  • Changed Preemtive effects to go off after movement between zones, which should fix some desync issues, particularly those from Controlled Temporal Anomaly.
  • Shrine to the Heavens will now check each target that it's still legal before exhausting it and increasing.
  • Grave Rob will now check to make sure the target is still legal (ie it hasn't been raised from the dead) before resolving and removing it from the game.
  • Demon of Gluttony will no longer attack on just one client, causing a desync, if the character it was eating is killed before it can sacrifice it.
  • Leaving the game while in Targeting Mode should no longer cause the mouse cursor to disappear.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Heaven's Bell to target enemy characters.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Lanstead to target enemy characters.
  • Updated Splatter's text to reflect that it cannot hit the command zone.
  • The 'shuffle away' option of trading post trading post has been slightly modified. Rather than shuffling in the selected card then drawing from the deck, it will now draw a card and then shuffle. This is how the trading post worked previously. Additionally, if you have no cards left in your deck, you cannot shuffle away, or draw a card.
  • The Enter key on the keyboard numpad now ends the turn as well.
  • Veroria, the Lone Keep's text now properly states you lose 4 morale each turn.
  • Ancient Egg now gives characters of the appropriate size after the number doubling change.
  • Demon of Fear should now properly refund the resources spend on its ability when undone.
  • Mega Unit 02's immolate now properly deals 5 damage.
  • Implemented a possible fix for Dehumanize causing strange desync issues.

Balance Changes:Edit

  • Max health and power of a character are now capped at 999, rather than 99.
  • Agent Coyle, Immovable now gains +0/+3 for every character, up from +0/+2.
  • Agent Coyle, Primal Hunter's Hunt ability now costs 5, down from 6.
  • Sinister Corruption now only causes the enemy player to lose 4 morale a turn.
  • Lethargy Stone now only causes the enemy player to lose 4 morale a turn.
  • Mega Unit 02's ability's initial damage is now 5, down from 6. Also fixed an issue where the text said 3 damage, rather than 6.
  • We've decided that the game would be healthier if players had access to a factionless way to deal with flying characters. We've decided to make Defense Golem be able to block flying, which is a nice buff for this classic card.

August 28th 2013, Version 0.91.2Edit

Note: we are continuing to look at the issue affecting Mac users when trying to launch the game.

Closing Invitation LoopholeEdit

Ever since the implementation of the Master & Apprentice system, there has been a loophole which allows new players to be invited to the Infinity Wars closed beta. While we have known about this loophole, we allowed it to exist until now. However, as we create a new system for inviting players to the game, with substantial rewards for the inviter, we have decided to close this off. A major catalyst for this decision is our recent focus on the beginner player experience, which we are currently overhauling. Rest assured that soon you will be able to directly invite your friends to Infinity Wars, and for doing so, you will rewarded!

Change Log:

  • Fixed a bug that caused Verore Magic Siphoner to trigger each time a token was created from an ability card.
  • Fixed a bug that caused friends not to appear sometimes if both players mutually had each other friended.
  • Fixed a spelling error when the game tells you your version is out of date.
  • Updated Ao Shun's text to clarify that he does die to sacrifice effects.
  • The Search function will now properly check only for games that are hosting the same deck format as yourself.
  • Fixed some issues with the new campaign screen. This screen is still work-in-progress, however.
  • Puffy will no longer give IP.

August 23rd 2013, Version 0.91.1Edit

Update: we've released a new version where clicking on a player's message in chat will bring up their profile, so that it's easier to trade and play against people without the All list

In today's patch, we've focused on fixing a few combos that shouldn't be possible, especially those that involve a character dying in the command zone. They should return back to the command zone if they come back to life, rather than the support zone, which is abusable.

We've also included fixes for chat so that it should be more stable. One of the things we found in our attempts to make chat more stable was that a lot of disconnects were happening because of the sheer amount of information the server would send to every player online, telling them of every other player online. While this was nice when the game had a much smaller player-base, as Infinity Wars has gotten larger we've realized we need to remove this functionality. For now, the game will not list every player online, and instead only list your friends. Players can still add friends with the Add button, and in the future we will be adding functionality to search for players.

We have begun work on a new, far improved campaign screen. This is still very much work in progress, with many of the hallmarks of a work-in-progress screen, but it's a marked improvement over the old campaign, which was a simple list!

And now, a patch log:

  • If Nysrugh eats a commander, when he spews that character back out, it will go to the command zone.
  • If Infected Monk dies in the command zone, it will return to the command zone, rather than the support zone.
  • Secluded Constructor will no longer improperly exhaust after being used on the mac client.
  • If Ju-Lin will now properly die to sacrifice effects. Updated Ju-Lin's text to clarify this.
  • Ju-Lin will no longer move back to the Command Zone if killed the turn he is deployed.
  • Leaving a game in progress will now properly give a victory to the opponent, and the leaver will get no reward.
  • Fixed a bug where if a player was AFK for 3 turns in a row, both players would get kicked, rather than just the AFK player.
  • Shield Generator will no longer improperly give non-characters invincibility.
  • Fixed a bug where Tygris was only costing 1 additional resource to use his ability, rather than 2. Clarified the wording of the popups when using his ability.
  • We found that showing your own Trading Post actions to you was time consuming and potentially confusing. Also, sometimes players would skip through every trading post action, since many of them were their own, and skip over what their opponent was doing. Thus, the game will no longer show your own Trading Post actions or end-of-turn discard actions to you.
  • Fixed the starting health in some of the quests.
  • Puffy has finally gotten his due, and now has his own exclusive avatar. Kaptain Kool is jealous.
  • Fixed a bug with the login system that would state the reason for an unsuccessful login was always “Incorrect username or password”, regardless of the actual reason.
  • Turned up the visibility of the foil effect while not in-game.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Heaven's Bell and Grotesque Brute to not be able to activate their effects.
  • Added a logout button.

August 16th 2013, Version 0.91.0Edit

With this patch, Infinity Wars' first expansion is now released! Players who pre-ordered Rise can open their packs as soon as it ticks over to August 17th 12:01 AM, GMT.

With the release of Rise we've taken a good long look at Infinity Wars, and we're bringing in a large number of changes with its release. I'd like to talk about these changes, and why we are doing them.

New Card FramesEdit

At Lightmare, we believe in a development cycle of constant iteration. What this means is that we are constantly looking at our game and asking ourselves what we could do better. We are currently looking at the visual quality of a lot of the aspects in our game, and the first one we reviewed was our card frames. We felt like the previous card frames covered a lot of the card art, and could generally be much graphically appealing. Additionally, there was a lot of information we needed to convey on the cards, especially with the release of Rise, that the old card frames were not designed to give room to convey. We think the new card frames look fantastic, and while a part of us will always remember the old frames fondly, we're glad that every card in Infinity Wars is able to look so much better now.

In the future, we're also looking at iterating the graphical design of the user interface (both in-game and menus), the default battlefield, and anything else we feel we can simply do better. As a matter of fact, as we move towards our next UI iteration, you can already see some of the new design already implemented now.

All Numbers DoubledEdit

Arguably the most controversial decision, we have decided to double all the numbers in Infinity Wars. Players will now start off with an even 100 health and morale at the start of the game, and the power and health of each card has been doubled as well. Thus, the change mostly does not affect gameplay (with the exception of morale, but this is taken care of below). The reason we have decided to do this is because we found that we were being quite restricted in our ability to balance card numbers. As a bit of an aside into game design theory, Infinity Wars, as opposed to other TCG's, scales linearly because of our resource system. The resource to power curve in Infinity Wars (using the pre 0.91 numbers), looks something like this:

  • 1 cost: 2/2
  • 2 cost: 3/3
  • 3 cost: 4/4

Within that, there's not a whole lot of room. We found we were in situations where a card that was a 3/3 for 2 would be very weak, but the next level, 4/4 for 2, was very strong and above curve. We decided that this early stage of the game's development, while it was still in Beta, was our last chance to change the system, in the interests of the long term health of the game.

We understand that this change is quite a shock, and it may take some time for long-time players to adjust to the new numbers. However, we're confident that after a while of playing with the new numbers, players will become used to it, and years from now we will look back at this change and know that Infinity Wars is healthier for it.

Balance Changes to Existing CardsEdit

With the new base values for health and morale, we have decided to change some of the existing IW2013 cards for balance reasons. Most of these are balance changes are changes that are now possible because of the new number scaling in the game.

  • Agent Coyle, Firestarter has been a very strong card, and we wanted to reign it in a little bit. It is now a 7/7 for 7, rather than the expected 8/8 with the doubling. However, we did want to see the dragon transformation ability used a bit more often, and didn't want to nerf the card too hard, so we reduced the cost for transforming him by 1.
  • Calamity has been the very definition of a format warping card. We have two main concerns with Calamity: there is very few 'tells' that an opponent is going to play one, particularly as it is factionless, and many decks that weren't designed to be the kind of deck that would want a card like Calamity were including at least one copy, 'just in case'. We have decided to raise the cost of Calamity to 11, up from 10. While a player will still be able to play a Calamity on turn 10 as before, they will need to spend their turn 9 resources to increase their base, clueing in an attentive player. Additionally, aggressive decks such as Flame Dawn decks will have to reconsider Calamity's inclusion, as they may not ever want to spend an entire turn increasing their resources just on the chance they need to Calamity in the future.
  • Pack Leader's ability was always just a little bit too strong, (although the faction itself was held back by morale issues). We have decided to lower Pack Leader's ability to give +3/+3, rather than the expected +4/+4 from the number doubling.
  • Secluded Constructor's ability has always been very strong. So strong, in fact, that it held the rest of the faction back in power level. We've decided to make Secluded Constructor's ability continue to only give +1/+1, rather than the expected +2/+2 that it would otherwise.
  • All immolation effects (such as from Kali and Dragon of Summer Flame) now deal 5 damage per turn, rather than the expected 6. This was mostly done to keep immolation 'feeling correct' in the future, with a small nerf to the otherwise very strong Kali.
  • Endless Horde and Radariah have had their text cleaned up with the new changes: Radariah now gains +1/+1 on each hit, and Endless Horde now gains +1/+1 for each other of its kind in the grave.
  • Considering Rita's Thrall's art, it doesn't make much sense for him to be a 4/4 (8/8 in the new system). We've decided to lower him to a 2/2 for 1 with the same effect, which may give him new use in some decks, currently the card is very underplayed.
  • Additionally, many cards that were part of the Rise set, which players have gotten through daily quests, have had their numbers and/or purity values adjusted.

Deck Size LimitEdit

Previously, the limit for a deck's size was essentially unlimited, set at 400 cards. We have decided to lower this limit, particularly for future proofing for mobile releases. We originally announced this limit to be set at 60 cards, however after discussions with the community, we have decided to raise the maximum deck size limit to 100, so that we aren't limiting decks too harshly.

New Morale RulesEdit

Morale is an interesting aspect of Infinity War's gameplay, and one of the reasons that its so unique. However, developing it has not been without its challenges. While looking at morale as a mechanic, we decided that we needed a better way to balance morale than the current system. Many mid-range focused factions, such as the Warpath and the Sleepers of Avarrach, are very poorly positioned in the metagame because they die so easily to morale. While reconsidering the mechanics of morale, we realized that tying morale damage to the cost of the card was hindering us more than helping us. With that in mind, from now on in Infinity Wars, all characters will have an additional 'morale cost' of the card, you can find this cost directly underneath the resource cost of the card.

With this change, we are now better able to balance cards with regard to morale. Big characters, for instance, no longer have such a massive morale cost, and the morale cost of many mid-range cards, such as Warpath and the Sleepers of Avarrach, is less punishing than before. 'Sad zombie deaths' should happen much less now, and thus make these factions much more viable. Morale costs are now tied to the field value of the card, which makes more sense. How valuable is this card to the player? Additionally, we can use morale costs as an additional place for flavour: zombies all have low morale costs, Aleta the Immoral Sorceress has a higher morale cost than the other incarnations of her, because she is the leader of the faction, etc.

Gold Borders and Foils!Edit

Starting in Rise packs and from now on, players will have a chance to open gold bordered cards, and holographic foil cards in packs! Each pack has a chance to contain either a gold card, a foil card, or in very rare cases a gold foil card. The odds to get a gold or foil card are about 1 in 12. The odds of getting a gold foil are 1 in 144 (it has to roll to get both a gold and a foil). Additionally, players opening Rise pre-order packs will find all their cards are platinum bordered, and have a chance to get a platinum foil card. We made the decision not to include gold bordered cards in the preorder packs, as in time a platinum card would be rarer more than a gold bordered card.

Rise doesn't just bring new cards, but the largest batch of changes since Alpha! Some are exciting, some are scary, but we are confident that Infinity Wars is going to be a better game than ever before. Thanks for reading the longest patch notes I've ever written to date, hopefully your game has finished downloading all your files and you can play, and rediscover, Infinity Wars!

- Ian Underwood

Known IssuesEdit

  • An opposing player's Cresill the Mad has a delay before your own hand is discarded if it dies. We are looking into this bug.
  • Subjugated Dragon and Hunted Dragon both have unusual desync issues were are looking into if chosen as commanders.
  • Location cards in Rise do not currently change the battlefield to a new model when played. While the art for these cards has been made, and looks amazing, we will release them after a rendering issue has been fixed, rather than releasing art that looks sub-par due to a bug.
  • Secluded Constructor is improperly exhausting after each use on OSX clients. Sorry Mac and Genesis fans!

August 7th 2013, Version 0.90.0Edit

In today's patch, we have a bunch of bug fixes, especially focused around closing loopholes with the Turn Timer and IP gain system. We've seen an increase in players taking advantage of these loopholes and lowering the play experience for everybody, so we've taken measures to fix them quickly.

Change LogEdit

  • Fixed a bug where conceding would cause nothing to happen on the conceding player's screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would not progress if the turn timer timed out during the resolution phase.
  • Fixed an issue that caused chat not to appear.
  • Removed the 3rd tutorial, as it felt unneeded.
  • The turn timer will now count down during the commander choosing phase in merged deck mode. If a player times out, they will simply end up choosing the first 3 commanders on their list.
  • If a player times out 3 turns in a row, they will be determined to be AFK, and kicked from the match with no IP gained. The other player will be given a victory.
  • Verore Brute will no longer gain +2/+0 if a unique character takes 0 damage.
  • Fixed an issue where if a player completed a game that didn't give a reward and it was their first login, they would have to continually re-accept the EULA.
  • All sound files are no longer bundled with the main game executable and instead downloaded with the same system that cards are, lowering patch sizes in the future.
  • Lingbao will no longer cause a player to lose morale from a character that was sacrificed.
  • The game will no longer keep displaying "Waiting for opponent to choose commanders..." after they have done so.
  • Aletas and Risen of Avarrach will now returned to play to the support zone of the player that controls the character, rather than who owns it. 
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