Welcome to my user page!

If you have any questions, please contact me on the Message Wall, in-game or through a PM in the official forums. My IGN is also Cleanse.

In-game, I mostly play Rift Runs. My favourite faction is Genesis.

To Do List Edit

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  1. Pages for every Campaign & Academy mission.
  2. Mass delete all old unused card images so that they aren't used by mistake.
  3. Make some more maintenance templates with auto-categories based on Template:Updatecardimage - Template:pna, pages to be deleted, etc.
  4. Categorise all the cards that aren't available in Rift Runs.
  5. All cards that create other cards (e.g. tokens) or transform have full information (including pictures) of the tokens created/transformed version - see Category:Spawner & Category:Transform.
  6. Page on avatars (the non-DoD kind) & titles.
  7. Page on Experience & Leveling
  8. Rework Promotional Cards - split into Alternate Arts (with full explanations of availability & premium types) & Promotional Sets. Then links to the Alt Arts on the individual pages.

Completed Edit

  1. Go through every individual card page, update, and mark out of date images.
  2. Rework all Faction pages.
  3. Rework all Set pages.
  4. Take Category:Card images to be replaced down to zero. (Team effort!)
  5. Navboxes on tutorials & sets
  6. Create the framework for disambiguation pages (e.g. Kali, Xi)

Quick Links & Useful Stuff Edit



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