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-Deck Builds-
Core 2013
-Running Rifts-
Core 2013
-Weekly Deck Rotation-
Core 2013

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Novablue's Shoutcast

Joe iw (1)

Hey folks, NovaBlue (aka Joe) here welcome to the channel! I am a 23 year old Yorkshire born games design student living in Leeds. With this series, I shoutcast viewer submitted footage that I in turn shoutcast. I do all of them live, I do this by not looking at the video until I record it. This gives me much need practice at Shoutcasting and provides you with my real emotion of the match.

If you want to submit a video for cast please send me a message via twitch with a link to a dropbox or google doc link with the video on it. Preferred quality 720p. Thanks folks and see you out there!

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